Recording for School Music Exams

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Most of the recordings we undertake in schools lead to the production of a CD or digital album.   This is also the most beneficial to the school because they can not only make money from CD sales but they also have something which can be used to promote the music that is going on in their school.

However, from time to time we get slightly different requests and one of the more common is to help with recording for music exams.  In a lot of cases students have to submit a recording of their performance as part of their music exam.  Now of course there is no official requirement to get a professional recording done for this.  A lot of teachers will simply use a hand held recorder or even a phone / iPad to do this and then submit the tracks for the purpose of the exam.   The examining board are certainly not going to mark the pupil on the quality of the sound recording.

Why use a professional Recording Company?

There are a number of reasons why it’s worth getting in a professional recording company to help with recording your school exams.

  1. Battling with technology – Most people can now make a basic audio recording on their mobile phone or iPad.  It won’t be the best quality but it would probably do.  However, you then have to get that recording off your phone and into the correct format and attach it to the submission.  We would argue this isn’t particularly difficult, but for some it could become a nightmare.
  2. Mic Position – It’s not just about the difference in quality between a recording made on a phone versus our professional mobile studio, but how long do you have to get it right?  For example if you are recording a quartet, where do you put the phone? How do you deal with noises and how do you know if it’s worked?   There are many potential hazards with making your own recording particularly if you are just using a hand held recorder or a smartphone / similar.
  3. Audio Quality – Whilst the examining board are unlikely to penalise your students for a poor quality recording, there is clearly some advantage to having a properly balanced recording particularly if for example you have more than one instrument involved. Take a singer and piano for example. If you get the balance wrong the piano could dominate and some of the subtlety of the singing could be missed.

What about cost?

Cost is of course always going to be a factor – after all doing something in house is free and potentially requires less organisation.  However, there’s also a lot to be said for just handing the whole recording issue over to someone else and then relaxing in the knowledge this side of the exam process will be sorted easily and without any fuss.

We offer an exam recording package where our team will spend half a day at your school (longer if needed) and then produce digital audio files within 48 hours for a cost of just £250 including travel anywhere in the UK.

More information

To find out more about our recording services which are tailored to recording music exams please give us a call on 01225 302143. You can also email us via the contact form.