Recording at Rodings Primary School in Essex


On Wednesday our mobile studio was once again back out on the road, this time headed for Rodings Primary School just outside Chelmsford in Essex.  Like all our recordings, this one had been carefully and meticulously planned with the music teacher and so just as we pulled up outside the school at 07.20 in the morning the teacher also arrived.  This always bodes well as it allows us to get in ahead of most staff and pupils to get all our gear set up in the school hall.  It’s even more pleasing when one of the first things discussed is the availability of tea!

With parking almost right outside the door to the school hall, we were able to set up even quicker than usual and everything was pretty much ready to go by just after 8am.  At this time the hall was also hosting the morning breakfast club for pupils who need to arrive a bit earlier. This was also extremely pleasing as it meant we not only had regular supplies of hot tea but were then also issued with toast and jam.  I was particularly delighted by this as it turned out the school was rather in the middle of nowhere and we had not found anywhere nearby to supply us with breakfast before turning up at the school!

Microphone Setup

Testing the keyboard

Once everything was set up a nasty looking Casio keyboard was brought in.  Initially I started to panic, but it turned out it was in fact only being used to give the occasional starting note and maybe assist with any rehearsals during the course of the recording session!

By 9am the school choir had assembled and everything was ready to start recording.   Hannah, the teacher in charge of the choir had been extremely organised and provided us with a list of the songs being recorded – this really helps us out hence there being a template available for this purpose on our website.    We were not surprised to see the inclusion of ‘This is me’ which is definitely the most popular song of 2018, certainly amongst primary schools!

track list

Track list

We had a great time recording at Rodings Primary School in Essex and the album is currently in production.  We cannot reveal any details of the album cover as it’s being kept a secret until the CDs arrive.  But we can say it looks totally fabulous and so once all approved the CDs will be delivered to the school in the next few days.

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