Recording at Balliol School in Kempston, Bedfordshire

Balliol School

Our last school CD recording of the Summer season for this year was at Balliol School in Kempston which is just outside of Bedford.  We arrived at 07.30 as usual, and were greeted by the caretaker. He was very friendly and obliging and once again we were able to park right outside the hall which was being used for the recording.

As a result we were set up in good time and in fact could have been ready to record just after 8.00am!  This gave us plenty of time to find the staff room and drink tea before the first group of children came along to be recorded.


School Hall

Balliol School Hall


The first song was a take on ‘When the Saint’s, but with the words changed to suit the school!  There was some great singing throughout the day and we recorded 20 songs at Balliol with most of them done just before lunch.

Balliol has the luxury of 2 school halls (and indeed an outdoor swimming pool) which meant we didn’t have to clear up or move anything for lunch and the bonus of this was that we could record right up until 1pm with some year groups rather than stopping at 11.40am which is more common.

There was then an hour break for lunch as one of the teachers had another rehearsal to run before the school choir could record their final two songs.  This gave us a chance to wander into Kempston and find a local bakery which supplied some lunch.

We then returned to school, had some lunch in the staffroom and continued the recording again at 2pm.   The staff and pupils were extremely friendly and welcoming.  This CD required a quick turnaround as we had less than a week from the recording day to the time the school wanted CDs to sell at their Summer fair.

If you would like to record at your school during 2018 then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us