Our 100th Blog Post

Blog Post 100

On 1 September 2015 we started the blog on Recordings 4 Schools.  The main aim of the blog then, as now, was to communicate with our customers.  More than anything we wanted to show you that our business is not just a website but has real people with real interests in schools and music.

The Recordings 4 Schools Blog

Our first post, perhaps rather predictably, was about the basic premise of our Free School Recordings and what we offered customers.   You can read the post by clicking here.

Over the past few years we have tried to vary the content of our blog.  On the one hand it allows us to share what we have been upto.  Showcase some of the recordings we are involved with.  We also use it to promote special offers to our clients where appropriate.  Sometimes, we just like to write a little about our industry and our thoughts on matters pertaining to music and recordings

Using Blogs to Communicate

As stated above our main purpose in writing on this blog is to show our customers that we are actually here.   Nothing you find on our website is ‘automated’ content.  Everything on here and indeed on our other websites has been written by someone who works for Recordings 4 Schools. As we are only a small company that’s one of 3 people.  Most of the posts on here are written by me.  I’m Jules, the owner of Recordings 4 Schools, and usually the one you meet when we come out to record at your school.

This explains why some of our posts, this one included, can be quite random and feature a whole range of subjects.  If there is anyone out there reading this, I’d welcome some thoughts about the sort of things you would like to read about.

For example should we be more informative about our business? Are there questions you want answered and if so what are they.    A lot of the posts on here are influence by questions we are asked either on the telephone or when we are recording out on location.

Or do you want more general / informative posts about the recording industry.  We always steer a little away from this as there is so much other similar content out there.  We would love to hear what people think. And more importantly what you would like to see on our blog over the next 100 posts so do please get in touch!