How long is a recording day?


When we are tasked with recording a CD with a UK Primary School then our aim is to give them as long as possible, within the confines of the school day, to record.

More time means a better CD

Some of our competitors seem reluctant to embrace the early morning and will not start recording until 10am, some don’t even arrive until then.  In our experience however, a lot of schools need to start setting up the hall for lunch from 11.45am so this leaves very little time to do anything useful, particularly if break time occurs at 10.30am which is a typical time.

How long is a day?

Record a CD with Recordings 4 Schools and when we say a full day, we mean it.   Regardless of how far away you are or how early this means we have to leave our engineers will arrive at your school by 07.30.    Sometimes this means we have been on the road since 4am.  Much earlier than that and we will stay in a nearby hotel the night before.

By doing this we can spend an hour setting everything up (we don’t just bring a laptop and a few basic microphones) before the majority of your staff and children arrive.  You can then come into school and focus on the recording from the start of the school day.

In the majority of cases we have usually recorded half a dozen songs by 10am.   There is no time limit on our recording day, other than the confines of your school day.  Some schools prefer to get everything done in the morning and finish by lunchtime.  Thats obviously up to you and fine with us. However, we are quite happy to move things out the way during lunch, disappear for an hour and then carry on recording once your school lunches are finishes and cleared away.


Lots of schools also like to record a staff song.  Sometimes this is done first thing before the children are ready to record (another bonus of us arriving early) and sometimes we do this after the school day is finished.  It’s absolutely fine if you want us to stay another half an hour after the pupils have gone home so we can record your staff song.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about making a professional recording in your school with our friendly down to earth team then why not give us a call on 01225 302143. If you prefer you can click here to email us and we will get in touch.