School CD Recordings in Scotland

Scottish Scenery

Over the past few years we have recorded an increasing number of CDs in Scotland ranging from small Primary Schools all the way to the Madrigal Group at the University of St Andrews.

As you would expect from a Mobile Recording Company, we get to travel around a lot.  In the months leading up to Christmas, we travel around an awful lot.   Usually our trips all over the UK in these 3 months tot up to around 20,000 miles or more.   This means we are single handedly keeping BP and Michelin in business!

I think we can now say that since 2004 we have travelled to almost all parts of the UK in order to undertake a recording.   Just in the last 12 months we have recorded at St Ives in Cornwall, Ramsgate in Kent, Cardiff in Wales, Lowestoft in Suffolk, as well as Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Recording in Scotland

There are very few companies like Recordings 4 Schools who provide mobile recording solutions to school on a professional level.  And, as far as we know, there aren’t any based in Scotland.   This would explain the increasing trend which we are noticing of Schools in Scotland looking to record with us.   A while ago we decided to plot where the majority of our recordings occurred and it would seem the most popular areas are the East Midlands, (Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham), Manchester, Newcastle and not far behind Scotland, particularly near to Edinburgh.

From our perspective it is more expensive to record in Scotland, purely based on the fact we have to travel further and may sometimes need accommodation either the night before or after the recording.   Nevertheless, despite this we do not charge any extra for our time or travel.  After all it would not be fair to penalise a school for our location!

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