Making it easy to book your School Recording session


Like any successful business, we are always on the look out to find ways of making things easier for our customers.

Now, some things are of course a little outside of our control.  We can’t help teachers with their lesson plans and we don’t know where the find the winning lottery tickets either.  Nevertheless, in our small way there are some things we can do which, hopefully, make our customers lives a tiny bit easier.

Busy lives of teachers

School teachers are busy people.  This we know only too well having recorded in schools since 2004.  If you are a teacher you are always multi tasking – even the men!   There is always something to be done, and most likely always something which should have been done 5 minutes ago.   The life of a teacher is perhaps one of the busiest of any person in work.   They might get holidays in the Summer and occasionally a cup of tea in the staff room at morning break.  But essentially aside of that they never stop.

Timetable issues

One of the biggest challenges for schools who want to spend a day recording a CD is how to deal with the timetable.   I’ve seen teachers who are given the task of timetabling.  When I was at school I remember a teacher in one of the biology labs with lots of pieces of card, pushing them around a big table to try and fit everyone and everything in.

Nowadays there are various software applications which can help you timetable.  However, even so this is a seriously big job and can take many days, or even weeks to complete.  Firstly there are the pupil options to consider.  How many pupils are doing what subjects.  If Johnny A is doing Maths and History A level then not all of these classes can be at the same time.  Maths could occur when English is occurring but this will only work if Joanna B isn’t doing English and Maths.

The complications are endless.  Then you have to consider the teaching staff.  What if some of your teachers are working part time, some are working full time and some cannot work Fridays.   Once all this has been put into the melting pot you have to assign teachers to classes and classes to rooms, and hope you have enough rooms to go round!

Personally I wouldn’t know where to begin and my apologies to any teacher if I have somewhat over simplified this.  I’ve seen first hand teachers involved in this process and it’s a seriously difficult task.

The impact of a recording

Having done all this work on the timetable, to suddenly then bring in a recording company for the day and disrupt potentially every lesson is a bit of an issue for a school.  Admittedly we do most our work in Primary Schools where perhaps the timetabling is a little easier as its mostly class by class with few if any options.  But nevertheless the issues are there.  As well as timetabling you also have other activities.

If you want everyone to take part in the CD recording then you can’t put it on the same day as a Year 6 field trip for example.  And what about people who do sports. Sometimes primary schools take pupils to a local swimming pool during the day as a timetabled activity.    If that’s the case and it cannot be postponed then you also need to prepare a timetable for the recording day to work out which class or group can record when.

Furthermore some schools have a music specialist but this person isn’t necessarily a full time teacher.  So what day’s do they normally come in?  Are they available on any other day – and are they prepared to change their plans for your school to record?

How can Recordings 4 Schools help?

There isn’t much we can do to directly help with any of the above.  However, we can try and help schools pick a recording date with minimal to-ing and fro-ing.   This we have achieved by adding an online calendar too all our websites.  It’s fairly straightforward but it shows schools which days we are available for recording.   This means that once everything else is decided on and agreed teachers can discuss amongst themselves the best options for a recording day based on their own timetables and school events.  In conjunction with our online calendar (which is always up to date) they can find a suitable date to record.

Once decided all you need to do is send us an email or web contact form with your school details and proposed date. Or if you prefer give us a call on 01225 302143.  As soon as you tell us the date you require it will be added to our online calendar which moments later will show your date as unavailable to anyone else.