Ed Sheeran speaks up for music in schools


In the news this week we heard how Ed Sheeran spoke out against cuts to music education in State Schools.  The 27 year old singer songwriter said that he benefited from the tuition he received as a student.  He was responding to an online article on The Financial Times website in which UK Music, an industry lobby, said a decline in music lessons in schools risks the development of successful pop stars like Sheeran and Adele.

Ed Sheeran, who attended a secondary school in Suffolk, wrote: “I feel very strongly about this. I benefited hugely from state school music, as I’m sure many other UK musicians have.  If you keep cutting the funding for arts you’re going to be damaging one of Britain’s best and most lucrative exports. Anyway, one to think about.”

The future of Music in the UK

UK Music, an industry lobby, claims that a lot of musicians today are now becoming increasingly dependent upon private school education and / or funding from their parents.   As a result this is “putting our talent pipeline and the future success of our industry at risk”.

We already know that the numbers of pupils taking GCSE music is falling year on year.  But this creates a viscous circle.  As the funding decreases music is withdrawn as an option in an increasing number of schools and therefore the overall number taking the subject will naturally go down.  The government can then claim it is right to reduce funding because pupil numbers are decreasing.    Essentially no one wins from this.

School Investment

There is a £98 million investment scheduled for music in schools which perhaps might go someway towards correcting this situation. However, the concern is that it will only be aimed towards those already identified as gifted and talented.  There is also talk of additional help being given to Recording Studios in regards to business rates as well as looking at licensing laws to help music in public venues.

What can be done

Recordings 4 Schools are only a small company and sadly we fear we cannot offer much to help lobby against government plans or change the future of School music funding.  However, we can help your school raise some money.  Every Primary School in the UK can do this by recording a CD with us.  We can’t promise to make you millionaires or turn all your pupils in to the next Ed Sheeran.  But we can give your pupils a chance to do what Ed Sheeran does and record their own album.  Sales of the album will then turn into real profits for your school which you can reinvest any way you like.  And who knows, maybe the pop stars of the future might come from your School.

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