Get Schools Singing for BBC Music Day 2018

BBC Music Day

This year for the BBC Music Day, there is an an exciting initiative aimed at encouraging children in primary schools to sing in classrooms, playgrounds, assemblies or indeed anywhere they might choose.   It’s been aptly named – ‘Get Singing’.

What’s it about?

Schools across the nations are invited to come together to take part in a UK-wide singing activity, which is being supported by leading music and education experts; Young Voices, Ex Cathedra: Singing Playgrounds, Sing Up and BBC Ten Pieces.

All schools are invited to take part – without any practice.  There will be an online accessible vocal warm-up video for everyone to join in with.  The idea is that after this introduction schools will encourage children to sing in any way they can and in any place of their choice.    The point being that regardless of singing or musical experience, all children can Get Singing for BBC Music Day.

Why should your School be Singing?

Singing is good for you.  There are countless articles all over the internet which tell us this.   Singing gets us on our feet and breathing properly.  I know from experience running and taking part in many choir rehearsals, that by the end you can be physically tired.    Anyone who wears a Fitbit or similar device to a choir rehearsal will also tell you that it counts as good exercise.

Let’s not overstate this, we aren’t trying to say that singing should replace Physical Education or sports.  No of course not. But nevertheless it is definitely good for you.

As well as the health benefits, singing is a great group activity.   You can sing by class or by year group and it really brings your pupils together with a common goal.  Singing is something that everyone does – even the people who think they can’t sing!   Singing in a choir today is one of the most popular leisure activities after sport and the more children are encouraged to sing the more that will continue.

Follow on from BBC Music Day

Whether or not your school participates in BBC Music Day 2018, there are still plenty of things you can do to get your pupils singing.   Recording a CD with Recordings 4 Schools is the ultimate group activity.  It brings together all your staff and pupils to spend a day recording in your school hall.   What’s more you can then sell your CDs to parents and friends and raise lots of money for your school.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD with your school then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us