Variations in School CD packaging

Packaging options

Our aim at Recordings 4 Schools is to offer a complete package to schools who wish to record a CD.   Our research and experience has suggested that schools who want to make a recording, prefer to engage a company who can take care of all the various elements involved.

Our business was established back in 2004 and right from the beginning we designed a solution which gave schools everything they needed to record, produce and sell their recordings which would raise as much money for their school as possible.

School Recordings – Standard Solution

When it comes to packaging your CD we believe this is just as important as the quality of the recording.   After all, thats the first thing your parents and potential market will see when you put the discs up for sale at your school fair.   If the packaging looks professional this means you will be able to sell the discs at a slightly higher price which will make you more money for your school.

Of course, there is no need to go overboard on this, after all we still need to be competitive.  We pack all our CDs into jewel cases and include a 4 page booklet, with each unit individually cellophane wrapped. This means your CD will look just like all the CDs you can buy in the shops or from online retailers.   We are not trying to re invent the wheel, but we are trying to give your pupils the experience of making their very own professional recording.

And the final product is very much a part of that.   By offering CDs professional packaged we are unique in this industry, particularly given that our prices are also some of the most competitive around and we will always price match where possible.   However, sometimes price is critical and whilst our product may be the most professional solution which can be offered, price is still a crucial factor.

Save money – less packaging

We have sometimes been asked to record a CD in schools where the idea is to give the CD away to all the pupils involved.  At this point price becomes a bigger factor.   By reducing the packaging and supplying CDs only or in simple plastic / paper packaging we can significantly reduce the overall unit cost.

For example, 300 CDs supplied in plastic wallets (you still get artwork printed on the CD surface), works out at £3.50 per unit and 400 at just £2.95 per unit.   The quality of the recording and our session remains unchanged.

In addition to this we also offer digital only recordings where we carry out the same high quality recording but then supply you with digital files for you to sell / distribute as you wish.   This solution is even cheaper and starts from just £300.

Find out more

Whatever your budget or requirements, we are confident that Recordings 4 Schools can tailor something to meet your specific needs. If you would like to discuss these or indeed different options then please give us a call and we will be delighted to work out something which is just right for you.

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