Recording your School Song

School Song

Sing anything the kids love! Singing together is good for so many things, namely relaxation, breathing exercise, meditation, calming, energising, concentration, de-stressing… I could go on and on.

Some schools have the classic school assemblies, with religious songs daily or weekly, and to many of us this is the familiar sort of singing within a school. But unless specifically a faith school, it is unlikely that you are singing praise songs regularly, so more secular singing occurs.

Music varies dramatically from school to school, but is usually down to a key member of staff who shares their love of music and encourages the children to explore. If you are lucky to have one of these special breeds amongst you, you will realise that given the opportunity, they will be playing the piano rather than doing playground duty. Then before you know it they are  organising singing groups & preparing all the music for a school play! And the kids want to be part of this.

Everyone loves music, some like to play, most like to listen. Tastes vary widely, but it is such an expressive form that is quite unlike any other study or art it is part of our culture and part of us. 

As the funding is stretched, music is recently seen as a less important subject, and many music departments are unfortunately being removed from core studies and in some case from the curriculum all together. Devastating. 

However, singing in assembly is still popular and should unite a school. A School Song is perhaps an old tradition, but we still get to hear many. Often written especially for the school, the school song will be sung at special occasions and whole school assemblies. Some schools even sing ‘thank you for our food’ songs before lunch, and yes, we have recorded these too.

Forming your own school choir

“We have really loved recording with you and are actually thinking of starting a choir in our school! Do you have any suggestions about things we can sing?”

We are booked by many schools that want to record a CD.  Many will enthusiastically sing along to the karaoke style backing tracks that are readily available online. They sound great and come together sharing their voices. Having enjoyed singing on their CD these pupils inevitably want to do more.

Let the children lead. They will suggest songs they want to learn or particularly love. Songs from musicals or even animated films are often uplifting and the kids will know these and sing their hearts out. Anything goes if it captures their imagination (but be careful of songs currently trending online… sometimes the lyrics are not suitable for use in schools).

It’s a privilege to be able to see inside so many schools across the country and listen to your singing. We can’t wait for the Christmas season… sleigh bells ring, are you listening? We are, and recording!

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD at your School then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us