Become a Recording Star and Record Producer for the day

Engineer microphone

Get your students involved with the recording and make your recording day a day to remember. At Recordings 4 Schools, we want your CD to bring back memories of your time at school, the songs you sang and the exciting day your hall became a professional recording studio! Making a CD can be an excellent whole school project involving music, art competitions and fundraising.

The recording experience

When we come to your school to record your music, the day is so much more than just about producing a CD. For most children, this will be a totally new experience and hopefully one they will remember forever. Recording a CD can be part of your learning journey, from deciding the songs you want to sing to the artwork you want on the CD and booklet, learning about the microphones and talking to the engineers about what happens next.

With computers and pre-amps connecting to many microphones on tall stands, there is a lot of equipment and technology that gets young minds thinking. We will make your day as interactive as you want and are happy for you to include a question and answer session with the kids if they are curious about the recording kit. Our engineer will be happy to discuss and explain the equipment, but we have found that a focussed Q&A session works well at the end of the whole school song, especially when the students have been encouraged to think up questions to ask. 


When you have recoded we have playback headphones and speakers so you can immediately listen to your take and check you are happy with it. Children are delighted to hear themselves and we usually play the songs back as you lead out of the hall on your way back to class. 


Your planning stages start long before we come to your school early in the morning of the big day. Decisions about what to record and who will be singing together all involves the kids and their teachers. If you have a school choir or other music groups, then all this will be organised, rehearsed and practised. You will probably like to arrange your recording schedule around your school day (and lunch) and we have a form to help you do this. This helps you know what’s happening and us to know what you are recording (it is not set in stone, and we will be delighted to help with any new ideas you have on the day!).

Producing the CD

Obviously we take care of the sound recording and you sing. But a CD also has pictures and a title and even a booklet or insert sheet telling everyone about your songs, your school and why you wanted to record your very own CD. Many schools run a competition so that s student can have their artwork on the CD, and there is always space if you can’t decide and want to have more than one entry in the booklet. Decide roughly how you want it to look and we will get out professional team to turn your cover designs and idea in to a high quality CD you will be proud to sell and promote your school. We have examples and templates on the website to guide you through all the stages of your CD production, and we are delighted to help you at any stage. 


Some school have a charity that they raise money for and this is an excellent way to increase your donations. Many schools fundraise for new equipment and the PTA often organises this project. Whatever you decide, we hope your CD bring you many rewards.

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