Recording at Woodfield Primary School in Wigan

At the end of last week, we travelled up the M6 to Wigan to record at Woodfield Primary School.  Being a bit of a trek from our Wiltshire based studios this necessitated leaving just before 4am in order to avoid any traffic and make sure we arrived at the school by 07.30am as had been agreed.

Despite the increasing amount of roadworks which seem to almost be a permanent feature of the M5 and M6 at the moment, we made it to Wigan in good time and even had chance to stop for a quick breakfast courtesy of a service station.  Not the most stylish option, but sometimes even a McDonalds Bacon roll and coffee from a machine will do!

costa coffee

Drinking coffee en route


Setting up

Having been greeted by the caretaker we were delighted to discover the school hall was adjacent to the car park which meant that unloading our kit was done in just a few minutes.   The trouble is we never quite know, hence arriving at 07.30.  I’ve been to some schools, where it’s a ten minute walk from the car park to the proposed recording space.

school hall

School Hall

As a result of the proximity of the school hall to the car park, we were mostly set up and ready by just after 8am which gave us plenty of time to find a kettle and drink tea before the actual business of recording started at 9am.

For this recording we were also trialling some new microphone stands which had been purchased for some other jobs later in the year.   Slightly heavier and taller than our current batch of K&M stands the new stands will allow us to get even higher above choirs than currently and were particularly useful when it came to recording the whole school song in Wigan.

Microphone setup

Setting up on location

The Album

The CD, which will be entitled ‘Woodfield Voices’ contains a range of songs picking out different seasons as well as some classic school songs, so promises to be a nice mix of styles.   Like most Primary Schools, Woodfield had run a competition to design the front cover. In the end there were 3 pieces of artwork chosen for inclusion on the album with this rather eye catching design for the front cover.

CD artwork

CD Front Cover

A Lunchtime Stroll

We had ten songs to record at Woodfield, but due to timetabling and some of the pupils being involved in swimming and other activities we didn’t manage to get all the songs recorded before lunch.  This isn’t a problem as we are quite happy to record for as long as necessary.  And so whilst lunch was served to the pupils our sound engineers went for a wander around Wigan.  It turned out that near to the school there was a rather nice park which gave us a chance to have an hours walk.

Preview of the CD 

Below is a preview of year 6 singing ‘The Best Day of my Life’.  We certainly hope the pupils had a great time recording their CD with us.  The album is now in production and should be delivered to the school in the next few days.

If you would like to find out more about recording a CD or digital album at your school then please get in touch. You can phone us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us