Recording at Calander Primary School in Scotland

On Thursday last week we were recording Tonbridge Grammar School Motet Choir on location in Brasted which is a lovely little village in Kent. The very next morning we were booked to record at Callander Primary School which is in Central Scotland just on the edge of the Trossachs National Park.

We had booked to stay at Lubnaig Guesthouse in Callander which I found via   After a long drive up the A1M, the Pennine Way and the M74 we finally arrived in Callander around 9pm.  On arrival we received a very nice welcome from the owner of the B&B who, as it turned out, had 2 daughters  at Callander Primary who were both very excited by the prospect of recording in the morning.

The Recording

After a splendid breakfast at Lubnaig House we arrived at the school just before 8am ready to set up.  Callander Primary School is in a lovely building just in the centre of town.

Callander Primary Callander Primary School

On arrival we were greeted by Tanya Starkey the Headteacher of Callander Primary School who made us a cup of tea and showed us into the proposed recording space.   Due to the logistics of the school we were recording in a music classroom as opposed to the school hall as that was mostly used as a thoroughfare and so not idea for recording purposes.

Setting up in Callander

Once we had everything set up ready to record we then started to assemble the pupils by Year Group. Remembering of course the Scottish system has classes from Nursery onto Primary 1 through to Primary 7.

As there was plenty of time during the day, we also got hold of the CD artwork early on and during the gaps in recording set to work producing the artwork.  At this time of year we get extremely busy recording all over the country so anything we can do to save time and speed up the production process is worth doing.

Designing artwork CD Artwork in design

By the end of the lunch break we had the artwork designed and ready for approval by the Head Teacher.   We are often quoted as saying we like to get on with things and adopt a #nofaffing approach to business.  By being even more efficient than usual, by the time we finished the recording at 2pm we had the artwork signed off and the audio almost ready for production.

With so many recordings to do over the next few weeks, anything we can do to keep ahead of the game helps us out immensely and also avoids any delay in delivering CDs to the schools.

Exploring Loch Lomond

As it was a 450 mile drive back to Wiltshire we decided to stay over another night in the splendid surroundings of Lubnaig House in Callander.  The next morning before heading back we took the scenic route slightly further North so we could take a look at Loch Lomond,

Earlier in February 2018, we were recording at the University of St Andrews and one of the songs their Madrigal group sang was called ‘Loch Lomond’ and refers to the Bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond.  Having not been there this seemed worth investigating.   We were certainly not disappointed.

Loch Lomond The northern end of Loch Lomond

I had a lovely time recording the staff and pupils at Callander Primary School and the CDs are now in production.   We are currently writing this on location but a little later on will update this post with some audio snippets from the forthcoming album.

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