Recording at Westwood with Iford Primary School in Wiltshire

Westwood with Iford Primary

Over the last few weeks, we have been to virtually all four corners of the country recording Christmas CDs in Primary Schools which has often meant leaving our studios just outside Bath between 4 and 5am.  This enables us to be at the schools by 07.30am to set up. Today, however, we left the studio at 07.20 and arrived just ten minutes later at Westwood with Iford School which is just outside Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.

This was our second visit to Westwood with Iford, as we first recorded there 4 years ago in November 2014.  It’s always a pleasure to be invited back and do repeat albums with schools and this was definitely no exception!

The setup

I was welcomed on arrival by one of the teachers and shown into the hall. Moments later there was a hot mug of coffee on the bench and I set about assembling our mobile studio.

Mobile Studio

Setting up

By 8.30am everything was ready and I had time to make a start on the artwork for the CD packaging.  This is something we have been doing more and more this year in a bid to get ahead of things and do as much as possible on location.  With 20 songs to record, there was no time for faffing and before long the pupils were all assembled in the school hall ready to sing.

The Recording

In a slight change from the CDs we have been recording so far this month, the theme for today’s CD was Songs through the seasons.  Having heard many renditions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer this month, it was nice to hear a few different songs!

The majority of the CD is going to be made up of all the pupils singing together and we made good progress. By 10am we already had 9 songs recorded.  However, this was not just a case of rushing through.  The children had clearly been well prepared for the recording session by their Headteacher Mr Ian Rockey.   It’s always great to see the Head being involved with the recordings as this really seems to inspire pupils to do their very best.

The singing at Westwood with Iford School was superb and most importantly of all, the pupils were having a great time making their recording.

With this being a local school we had some time this afternoon to create a short medley of a few songs from today’s session:

We will be working closely with the Head over the next few days to get the CDs into production over the weekend in order to have them delivered to the school towards the end of next week in time for the Christmas Fair.

Staff Song

Although not included in the medley, we also recorded a staff song just before lunch.  It’s always great when the staff all get involved and record their own track for the album.  In fact this year, we have recorded far more staff songs than has been the case before!  Of course all the staff turn up and claim they can’t sing but actually the majority are extremely good.  If you want to find out what the staff sang you will have to buy the CD!

staff song

The Staff!


I had a great time recording at Westwood with Iford School today and have already been working on the tracks to make sure they are ready to go into production next week.   If you would like to record a CD at your Primary School in Wiltshire or indeed anywhere else in the UK then please get in touch.

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