School Christmas Recording in Kent

Primary School Kent

Last week we made a second visit to Kent in this round of School CD Recordings.   Christmas, and the weeks leading up to it is our busiest time of year, particularly for undertaking recordings in Primary Schools.   Almost every day in November so far we have been out on location recording various versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

This was our first visit to Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP Primary School and from the conversations I’d been having with Dan Luck, the Music Lead, I already suspected the music was going to be rather good. It turned out I was right! Just a quick glance at the piano whilst I was setting up to record showed me the songs I could look forward too during the course of the day.

Recording Session

Music Ready for recording

Setting up

Arriving at my usual appointed hour of 07.30am, I was soon indoors with a cup of tea getting everything set up so we could start recording promptly at 9am.  Breakfast club was being run in the hall whilst I was setting up but conveniently there was a stage.  Given this recording had been scheduled for all day, I am always keen to find somewhere to set up which makes it easier to be out of the way during lunch times.  Most schools use the hall as a multi use space and the majority turn it into a dining hall from around 11.45am.  By putting all the recording gear on the small stage, including the microphones, this meant I didn’t have to worry about moving anything when it got to lunch time.

Microphone setup

Setting up on the stage

The Recording Session

Everything had been timetabled using one of our templates and so the recording proceeded like clockwork.  We started off with Reception singing Little Donkey and before too long it was the turn of the Staff.  Today’s staff song was Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree.   There wasn’t actually a tree but the staff were very jolly and certainly enjoyed singing!

Staff Song

The Staff Song

As well as recording by year group, we also recorded a couple of great songs with the whole school.  This is a great way to get all the children involved and makes a good ‘finale’ to the CD.

Whole School song

Whole School with the Music Leaders

Sorting the Artwork

In line with our policy of #nofaffing we used the lunch break to work on the CD artwork.  This policy has served us well this year and it means we can get everything ready on location and have the teachers sign off the artwork or make any changes with us there and then.

As well as creating the artwork in the staff room I was also treated to a school lunch which was a rather fine fish and chips!  Below is a sneaky preview of the CD front cover.

CD Artwork

CD Front Cover


I had a great day on location at Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary School in Kent and really enjoyed working with Dan Luck and his team.   It’s always a privilege to be involved with school recordings and to be trusted to do something with is so important to both the staff and pupils.  The album is currently in production and we think that everyone will be really pleased with the final result when it arrives in a few days.

If you would like too find out more about recording a CD at your Primary School anywhere in the UK, then why not get in touch.  You can reach us by phone on 01225 302143 or click here to email us