Recording at Lime Academy in North London

Lime Academy

Given the distance we have covered over the last few weeks, North London seemed relatively local to our Wiltshire studios!  Although slightly less so given that, like a few recordings recently, we were asked to arrive a bit earlier than usual so the school could start recording at 08.30.   As this particular job was being done as a single hander, (just me!) it was therefore important to allow plenty of time, so I agreed with the teacher to arrive at 06.45am.   I was there exactly on schedule and tracked down a caretaker . Whilst he didnt know much about a recording, I was soon shown to the hall.   Even better,  I was able to drive up to the outer doors which made the business of unloading the van much quicker.

School Hall

Setting up in the school hall

By 08.15am everything was set up and ready for the staff to come and record their song.  Generally speaking it’s easier for staff songs to be recorded either before the day starts or at the very end of the school day.  Despite the slightly earlier start for staff to sing at 08.30 this is usually our preferred option as it means we can usually get away by 3pm and avoid the rush hour traffic on the way home. More on that later.

The Staff Song

The staff turned up at their appointed time and I was treated to a rendition of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’.  This proved to be a little challenging as there were numerous solos – essentially they wanted to record just like Band Aid. Ultimately nothing is a problem and solo mics were hastily moved into position.   Within 15 minutes we had the staff song recorded and we moved on to the morning nursery children.

Lime Academy Staff

Recording the staff song

The rest of the day proceeded smoothly. The hall was divided and so there was no need to move things out of the way during lunch.  I took a stroll into nearby Chingford to keep my watch happy and make sure I was doing enough steps / exercise to stop the Apple fitness police coming after me!


The Recording timetable

The recording day had been timetabled to allow approximately 20 minutes per song which is normally what we would suggest. This gives time for the pupils to come in have a warmup and then sing their song a couple of times.  Everything ran on time.  In fact we ran slightly ahead of time and left a little earlier than the timetable suggests.  However, it turned out lots of other people drive around North London at this time.   3 hours later I was still only 15 miles from the school. In fact it turns out that it’s quicker to get from the Wirral back to Wiltshire than it is to get back from North London!  That aside I had a great time recording at Lime Academy and we hope they enjoy listening to the CDs.

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