School CD Recording at Lakeview Primary in Nottinghamshire

Lakeview Primary

Lakeview Primary School is located in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire which is just a few miles outside of Mansfield.   True to it’s name, when we arrived to record it was indeed raining!  It turned out Rainworth is a very small village so when we arrived with 15 minutes or so to spare, there wasn’t really anywhere other than a Co-op from which to source breakfast.   A takeaway coffee and slightly stale croissant left over from the previous day had to do!   Luckily our engineers are easily pleased and so without any faffing, breakfast was dealt with and we arrived at the school moments later to start setting up.

We were met promptly by the school caretaker who let us in and showed us to the hall where the recordings would be taking place.  As is often the case, breakfast club was in full swing when we arrived. No matter, however, we can set up our kit to one side and not be at all in the way.

The Recording Schedule

This particular album had 10 tracks on it ranging from Jingle Bells through to Frosty the Snowman and of course our old friend Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.   As with the majority of our school Christmas CDs, we had a song from each year group, a couple of songs from the Foundation stages and also a song from the school choir. Due to other commitments at the school the plan was to be finished by lunchtime and we concluded with the whole school singing ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’.  This may seem the obvious choice, but it makes a great final track for the album.

The Album

In line with our no faffing process of getting the artwork done on location with the client, we still found time to do this.   Whilst we recorded the first few songs, the school office scanned in their artwork winning designs which were emailed across to us.  Mid morning there was a short break of around half an hour for an assembly.  This seemed an excellent time to sort the artwork, so I disappeared off to the staff room with a mug of tea.   By the time the next year group were ready to record the majority of the CD artwork was done and had been provisionally signed off by the head teacher.

CD tray inlay

CD Front and Rear Cover

CD inside

CD Inside and Disc Surface

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