Making it easy to book your School Recording

Business Planning

Teachers are busy people.   You don’t need me to point that out.  School days may be timetabled and organised, but there is a lot to be got into every single day.   So when it comes to arranging a recording we needed to make sure everything is as easy as possible.  The first step for us was to try and make sure our website is as informative as possible.   All the information you could conceivably want should be on our website and we hope it is clear and easy to navigate.  When we put together our website we tried to put ourselves in the position of a potential customer.

What do customers want to know?

We have an FAQs page which hopefully answers a lot of the most common questions we are asked.   Of course everyone has their own agenda and requires different information.  But in general, when people ring us the most common questions we get asked are:-

Do you cover our area?

The answer to this question is always yes – well assuming the customer is somewhere in mainland UK.  Unlike the majority of other people offering a similar service we do not charge for travel.  Regardless of whether you are in the Eastern most point of Kent, the depths or Cornwall or the Highlands of Scotland, you pay the same price. We also do not charge for occasions when we might need overnight accommodation the night before your recording.   We feel this is the fairest way to give all our customers the same top quality service at the published pricing.

What availability do you have?

This is a question we are asked less as we now have a calendar on our website.  This was a new innovation last year and the idea was to make it easy for customers to determine the best day for their recording by comparing our availability with their school calendar.  This means that customers can discuss potential dates without having to reference back to us.  The feedback we have had is this makes the process of booking a recording with us much easier and convenient.

Booking the Recording Session

Once you have decided on a particular date for your recording session then all you need to do is send us an email which you can do via our contact form or give us a call on 01225 302143 with your preferred date.  We will put that in the diary which automatically makes our online calendar show as busy. You will then receive a confirmation email from us confirming all the details of the recording day and outlining the whole process.