Gearing up for the new season of School Recordings

School Recordings

A lot of businesses in the UK have seasonal trends.   Our recording business in schools is no exception.   Of course we record all year round – theoretically 365 days a year and 7 days a week.   Our school recording business however, is largely driven by the school academic year.   It goes without saying that we tend to only record in  schools during term time.  I say tend to because of course it is possible and indeed we have on occasion recorded school choirs in the holidays or at least on the first day of a half term for example.   This is unusual but nevertheless can happen.

Recording during the School Term

In the main, however, we are busiest with school recordings during the 3, or perhaps 6, main school terms.  To be honest I’ve never quite worked out the difference between the 3 term and the 6 term model. Back in my day there were 3 terms. Michaelmas, Spring and Summer. Each of those terms was divided in half by the aptly named ‘Half term’.  From what I can gather the 6 term system is nothing more than 6 half terms.  Anyway, I digress.  Regardless of how the terms are divided up, schools still operate a broad academic year from September to July with holidays at Christmas and Easter.

Popular Times to record

Having briefly undertaken some data analysis before writing this post, it turns out we have, at some point in the last 15 years, undertaken school recordings during every single month of the year with the exception of August.  Nevertheless, there are spikes during the course of the year.


Schools recording a Christmas album still seems to be the most popular option.   At this time of year we are mostly recording in Primary Schools usually from mid September right through to the first week or so of December.  There are several reasons why Christmas remains a popular time to record in schools.  The most obvious of course is that Christmas is a good time to sell CDs.  Most of the schools we work in will have a Christmas fair or similar event and CDs, or digital albums make great Christmas presents.    There’s also a great range of Christmas songs which primary school pupils love to sing.   As well as recording their CD pupils often learn Christmas songs to sing at other Christmas performances both in and out of school.


I’ve noticed an increasing trend for schools to record towards the end of the Spring term.  Sometimes this is because schools simply run out of time to slot in a recording during the Christmas term – occasionally this is because we are so busy there aren’t any more days left!  But often it is a case of new year and new ideas.  We often get enquiries on our website made during the Christmas break – teachers looking for inspiration for the new term.   Spring is never quite as busy as other key times of the year but there is definitely an upward trend of recording in March.


The end of the school year is becoming an increasingly busy time for us and a very popular time for schools to record.   Again, we spend a lot of the Summer term recording in Primary schools.  For many schools, as well as the opportunity to make a small profit from album sales, recording with us is seen as great chance to record a memory for the pupils.   Regardless of whether they are just joining in year 1 or about to move on to pastures new after Year 6, all pupils can participate in a recording and take away something which they will be able to treasure as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

By recording in the Summer term, schools have plenty of time to prepare some songs.   There is also the chance to record end of term concerts or other end of year type events.

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