What to do about Soloists?

Solo Singer

A typical day recording in a Primary School will generally consist of a song or two by each group followed by one or more Whole School songs.   Assuming 6 year groups and maybe a nursery class, most Primary School CDs will end up with between 8 and 16 songs.   In the majority of cases each song is sung by the group, mostly in unison but sometimes in harmony.    Some Primary schools also have a choir or maybe one or two different music groups. Recorder Groups and string groups are not uncommon and can provide a nice bit of variety to your album.

Dealing with Solo Singers and Groups

Some songs might feature either a single solo singer or perhaps a group of children performing a particular part. They might be singing a descant over the tune for example. For us, this is absolutely no problem at all.  We have plenty of spare channels and microphones available for just such an occasion.

It is always helpful if we can get a bit of notice that a solo group is about to occur.  You don’t have to tell us before the day. Just let our engineers know when they arrive that you have a soloist or small solo group in some of the songs. This will enable us to set up the necessary additional microphones to properly record such a group.

Placing Soloists

If you have a solo singer then generally it’s best to bring them to the front. We will set up a separate microphone for them to sing into.   Bear in mind nothing is ‘amplified’ so they just need to sing as normal.  If the soloist only sings for part of the song, we will cut the microphone at the appropriate point.  You soloist can then just carry on singing as normal with the rest of the year group without worrying about the microphone in front of them.

Solo Groups

If you have a number of children all singing a solo part then it’s best to position them as a small group in a couple of rows / semicircles around 1 or 2 microphones.  This will be much better than putting them in a long line.


If you have any soloists of small groups either of singers or instrumentalists, just let us know before we start to record the song. Our engineers will then prepare the right microphones and advise your pupils where to stand.

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