Headteacher’s Message for the CD

Headteachers letter

An important part of our CD Recording Service for schools is the production of artwork to go on the packaging.   Increasingly in a world where everything is online and the vast majority of media is digital, we are often asked why we are still producing CDs for schools.   On the face of it this is a perfectly valid question and one we have been grappling with for a couple of years now.

The CD as a delivery mechanism

When it comes down to it, however, a CD is nothing more than a delivery mechanism.   We realise that more and more people are nowadays turning to Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music to stream their music.  This is undoubtedly the way forward and is considerably easier than trying to find the CD you want to play.   We could of course put all our school albums on Spotify but this begs the question, how does the school benefit.


An integral part of our offering to schools is that they have the opportunity to raise funds through sales of CDs to parents and friends.   If we removed the CD element and just made the album available freely on one or more streaming service then how would the school earn any money.  More to the point, we would then have to charge for the recording service and in fact instead of making money the school would probably end up losing money.  The only alternative would be to have a whip round before the recording to try and raise money to cover the cost with the promise that parents would get a free download at the end of it.

Ultimately, this isn’t going to work and so for now we intend to stick to the model of producing CDs.  The main benefit is that schools have a physical item to sell which then becomes a memory for parents and pupils.   By supplying a physical product schools can then very easily exchange the product (CD) for a crisp £10 note and make a small profit with minimum effort.   Lots of schools still hold fairs and other such events. Particularly at Christmas this is an excellent chance to sell CDs.

Headteacher Message

Aside of the benefits of selling a physical product, the other main advantage of the CD format is that it gives us the chance to include some pupils artwork on the packaging.   This means that your pupils have even more involvement with the project. Most schools run competitions to design the front cover for the CD, with lots of the runner up entries being featured inside the booklet.  Where permissible, we also include photographs of the recording.  Consequently the ‘CD’ is far more than just a disc.  It is an entire packaged solution which gives pupils a physical memory of their experience recording at school.

The majority of our CDs will include a short message from the Headteacher, or perhaps the head of music responsible for the recording.   This is a bit like the sort of thing you will find on the school website.   It is an opportunity to celebrate the music making which goes on in your school.  You might also be using your CD to raise money for a particular project in school or perhaps supporting a local charity.  If so, you can also include details of that too.

Here are some of the messages which have been included in previous primary school CDs we have recorded:

Thank you for purchasing this CD. We hope it provides a fun and interactive resource for learning the times tables. We would like to thank all of the children in Years 1-6 for their enthusiasm and hard work.  All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly into future musical projects.

We all love listening to the children singing at our assemblies and concerts. We do hope that by purchasing this CD you and your wider family will be able to enjoy some of their extensive repertoire whilst supporting our charity for this year: The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance.  The songs reflect the year in the life of our school, and particularly the centenary of the Armistice in 2018.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Westwood with Iford School’s ‘Singing Through The Seasons’ CD.  Music is a part of every day at our school and a crucial part of a child’s education. Inspired by the songs sung during school assemblies and on special occasions, this is a collection of 18 uplifting tracks for everyone to enjoy. With contributions from the whole school, individual classes and even the staff(!), we hope that this CD will brighten even the dullest of days.  The children have had a fantastic time learning, rehearsing and recording these songs and we are constantly proud of them all and what they are able to achieve together.

Keeping up to date

Nevertheless, notwithstanding the above, we are increasingly aware that more and more people do not have CD players, either at home or in their cars.   Consequently we have had to make some changes.  From 2019, all our CDs now include a link to obtain the digital files or play them in situe via your mobile phone or preferred web browser.    This, we hope, gives customers the best of both worlds. You still have a physical product to keep as a memory but are able to access the music online and play in the same way you might for Spotify or Apple Music.

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