School CD Recording at The Grange Infant School in Surrey

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Addlestone is relatively local to our Wiltshire based Studio.  Therefore it was a fairly late start this morning, well just after 05.30am!  This gave plenty of time to get to The Grange Infant School and also allowed time to stop at a services for a bacon sandwich en route.  When I arrived at the school, a little before 07.30, I was greeted by the Headteacher who moments later had brought me a cup of coffee!  She then asked whether I would like to order a School lunch! This is always a promising sign!  Indeed the staff at the Grange Infant School were all extremely welcoming and I had a lovely time working with them.

School Hall Addlestone

School Hall

Setting up

As often happens, I found myself setting up around the breakfast club.  This is absolutely no problem as our recording gear doesn’t take up a lot of space and generally we are setting up at one end of the hall.    Before long the recording rig was in place and set up ready for the first class to come in and record their song.   At The Grange we were recording a song per class and all the pupils had been well prepared.  As a result the recording didn’t take as long as anticipated.

recording setup

Setting up

How long does a recording take?

We state very clearly that within the confines of your school day, we do not impose time restrictions.  Our engineers usually arrive around 07.30am and will start recording by 09.00.  We then continue (notwithstanding lunch and break times etc) through to the end of the day, or as long as is needed.

The majority of schools will record one or two songs per class / year group. This usually results in around 10 – 12 songs being recorded.  Some songs might be captured in a single take, some might need a couple.  Again on average we recommend allowing 20 minutes per song.   At The Grange, however, the singing was so good, pretty much all classes were recording their songs perfectly in just one take.  Now of course we don’t want to short change the children – after all it is their recording day. But at the same time, school’s are busy places.

Because of the excellent quality of singing at The Grange, we had actually recorded great takes of all the songs by 11.30am, which meant the children could participate in other activities that day.  Once I had packed away I was then ushered into the staff room for the promised lunch…

Lunch in Primary School

School Lunch

I had a great time recording at The Grange Infant School.  If you would like to find out just how easy it is to record a CD at your Primary or Infant School, anywhere in the UK then why not give us a call on 01225 302143.  Alternatively you can click here to email us.