Primary School CD Recording in Berkshire

Jennets Park Primary School

Yesterday’s recording at Jennett’s Park Primary School in Berkshire wins the award for being the closest school to our Wiltshire based studios we have visited during May.   Curiously, whilst I am not particularly a fan of early mornings it almost didn’t feel right leaving the studio at 06.30am.  Generally, by this time I am nearing a destination the other end of the country and on the look out for somewhere to find breakfast.   There is sometimes an argument for a few minutes extra sleep but the one rule I have is never to be late regardless of how far it is to travel or how early I have to set off.  So far, touch wood, in 15 years I have always arrived on time.   I think it is important to always continue to do this, bar any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstance.   After all by getting up at 3am to drive for 4 hours in order to go and do a recording shows the customer that I am committed to their CD recording day.  This also, I hope, indicates the level of commitment they can expect throughout the process.

Arrival and Setting up

Even by setting off a lot later than I normally do, there was time to have a quick spot of breakfast before turning up at the school at 07.30am.  This is always pleasing and as far as possible I try to schedule in breakfast.  Only on a rare occasion when traffic is against me does this get missed out!

I therefore arrived at Jennett’s Park, exactly on time and was welcomed by the Head Teacher.     Moments later a cup of coffee had been made and I set about putting up the microphones.  To make it even easier I was able to park right outside the school hall, so unloading took just a few moments.

Setting up Microphones

Unloading the Recording Gear

Another reason to be exactly on time this morning was to be ready slightly earlier.  The schedule for the day started with a staff song at 08.30 and so I only had maximum of one hour to get everything set up and ready.   Not that it’s a problem, generally speaking it only takes an hour, sometimes less to set up. I always like to allow 90 minutes though just in case the trip from the car is further than anticipated.  Carrying the kit a long way just to get it into the school is often the most time consuming element of the set up process.

A New Table

This recording was also the first outing for a new table recently purchased.   Possibly the cheapest part of our set up but nevertheless an important one.  Of course, schools normally have spare tables but it doesn’t seem right to rely on this fact.   If it came to it technically we could put the kit on the floor, but a table is clearly easier.  Previously we had a slightly bigger table but that was rather cumbersome and requiring an additional trip from the car just to bring it in.  So I decided a smaller table would reduce the number of trips by 1 as it could be bought in with other boxes.   Yes it’s a little smaller but still perfectly fit for purpose.

Recording Table

Our new table


The recording progressed well and we had a throughly enjoyable day on location at Jennett’s Park Primary School in Bracknell.  With half term approaching it will be a week or so before the CDs are ready but the singing was superb so we hope the staff, pupils and parents will enjoy listening to the songs recorded.

If you would like to record a CD at your Primary School, anywhere in the UK, then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here for our contact form