School Recording in Manchester – King David Primary

Manchester being quite a journey from our Wiltshire based studios meant that for this recording we needed to book a hotel for the previous evening.  This is something we try to avoid where possible as it helps us to keep the cost down for the recordings.  But sometimes, there is no choice and this was one such occasion.   A quick bit of research online showed that only half a mile from the school there was a Premier Inn.  Nothing fancy, but perfectly good for an overnight stop. Being so close to the school and serving breakfast from 6.30am meant we wouldn’t be arriving hungry either!   After a reasonable breakfast we headed to the school, which took no more than a few minutes.

Arrival and setting up

Arriving exactly on schedule we were welcomed by the security man (we had been warned about the security) and shown where to park.  At that point, once ID had been confirmed, the security chap pointed to an entrance door and said the school hall was just through there.   I started to unload the kit and was pleased that it wasn’t far from the car park to the hall.   I remember thinking it was quite a large hall for a Primary School but conveniently there was a stage for us locate all the kit.

recording manchester

School Hall

Before too much longer our main contact arrived and suddenly it turned out there was a problem.  Not an insurmountable one, but we were in the wrong school!  Now that sounds like a fairly major blunder, but it turned out St David’s is both a secondary and a primary school sharing the same building.   Nevertheless we needed to be setting up in the room further down the corridor.   Luckily we hadn’t finished setting up and with a bit of help we got everything relocated and were soon ready to record in the correct hall, still ahead of the time required.

This is the main advantage of arriving at 07.30am.  It’s often longer than we need to set up, but it does mean if there is any sort of problem, or it’s quite a walk from the car park there is usually time to deal with most things without impinging on the time available to record.

The Recording

By 9am everything was on track and the first group of children arrived to record.   As with a lot of our primary school recording sessions this was a song per class, with a few larger groups towards the end of the day.

The recording session progressed well.  We continued after lunch through to the end of the day and recorded around 12 songs in total some of which included some soloists.

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