Second album for Rodings Primary School

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A year ago we took an enquiry from Rodings Primary School who were looking to record a CD of their school choir.   A few weeks later we were heading to Essex to record what turned out to be an excellent school choir.  You can read all about that recording session on our blog. We were therefore delighted when the school made contact again this year with a view to recording a second album with us.  Not only is this testament to the quality of our recordings but also, and some would argue more importantly, shows that music is being taken seriously at Rodings.

So without any hesitation we arranged a recording session with their music teacher and before long we were back in the school hall at Rodings Primary school to set up our recording rig.

Setting up to record a School Choir

As before the brief was to record the school choir at Rodings Primary School. This time, however, in order to include more pupils on the CD we were also recording something called Singing Squad.    Rodings is quite a small school but located in a lovely rural part of the Essex countryside.   As before, the sun was shining and it was fairly easy to unload all our kit into the hall during breakfast club.

Since last year we have also made one or two changes to our recording rig.  These include a range of new microphones and some additional kit which makes it easier to link into school sound systems.

Setting up in the Hall at Rodings

By 9am the choir started to filter in and we were setup ready to record.   We had approximately 10 songs to record. Sometimes this is possible to get done in the morning and indeed, we made good progress as the choir had been very well rehearsed.  Nevertheless we never rush our clients and it was decided that the children would sing better with regular breaks and so we recorded 8 of the songs in the morning before stopping for lunch.

Lunch Break

Of course the thing to bear in mind with primary schools is that most of them use their school hall as a dining room. This generally means that the kitchen staff have to start setting up tables around 11.15am in order to be ready.  And so this means we have to stop recording around 11am and move our kit out the way – usually we can move things to one side and there still be plenty of space to set up lunch tables. This is the approach we adopted at Rodings.

Getting the Artwork done

Rodings Primary is located in a fairly rural part of Essex and so when I enquired as to the location of the nearest purveyor of a sandwich, I was kindly offered a school lunch.   This turned out to be an extremely tasty chicken curry followed by some cake which had been freshly made in the kitchen that morning!

I took my school lunch into the staff room. Firstly this was to be out of the way, but secondly in the hour or so which was allocated for lunch, this gave me a chance to get on with preparing the CD artwork.  As far as possible we always try to get much of the artwork done on location during the lunch break because this saves a lot of time after the recording.  Teachers also appreciate being able to get the artwork done whilst the project is fresh in their mind. It also saves many emails to and fro after the recording day when people have naturally moved on to other projects.

CD Artwoork

Producing CD artwork

With minimal faffing the artwork (above is not the completed version) was signed off on the day and we continued to record a couple more songs after lunch. By 2pm the recording session was finished and everything was packed away.  All this left was a trip back around the M25.  Fortunately by finishing slightly early this avoided much of rush hour and meant I could be back in Wiltshire for a glass of wine in the garden before dinner.  All in all a very delightful day.

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