A week in Yorkshire Day 5 – Leavening CP School


And so dawned day 5 of my 4 day visit to Yorkshire and I partook of another fine breakfast at The Blue Bell Inn in Weaverthorpe before making my way down the road to Leavening.   Approximately a twenty minute drive from the Inn meant that it was a slightly rushed breakfast this morning and then out into the rain.    Leavening was perhaps the biggest of the three Yorkshire schools I had recorded in this week and I was once again expecting a warm welcome.  I wasn’t disappointed and on arrival I was greeted by the headteacher who very soon produced a nice mug of Yorkshire tea.

Since the school had a carpark conveniently located near the entrance it also didn’t take too long to get all the kit into the school hall. This is always a bonus particularly when the weather isn’t favourable.


Yorkshire Tea

The Recording Session

Another small school, this time the hall was a little bigger than at Weaverthorpe and it also turned out to be a ‘bring your Dad to school day’.  This is a first for our recordings and some Dad’s turned up to listen whilst we recorded the songs.  I’m not quite sure whether there was a specific reason – I don’t think I’ve forgotten Father’s Day again…!  Either way it seemed a nice idea and the Dad’s and one Mum seemed happy to be in on our recording session.

School Hall

Like the other Yorkshire schools mostly the pupils were split into KS1 and KS2 rather than by year group. This is often better in a smaller school.  There was also some whole school singing and a choir.

recording setup

View from the recording desk

Unlike the other recordings, this school had more to record so we had to move the kit to one side during the lunch break.  Whilst everyone at school had lunch I made my way back to Malton where I had started the week and found a spot of lunch in Morrison’s Cafe.  Yes I know – stylish!   But it was nearby and therefore convenient.

Before too long the recording was in the can and it was time to say goodbye to Yorkshire and head back to our Wiltshire Studios.   It was a thoroughly enjoyable week, even the mad dash down to London on Tuesday.

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