Recording at Longfleet Primary in Poole

Today is my birthday. That isn’t particularly relevant and probably nobody cares. Ultimately, even to me, it’s just another working day and there was a recording to be done.  I did amuse myself however by setting the alarm for 05.02 which apparently is the time I was born.  Poole isn’t very far from our Wiltshire based studios but at the same time it means a drive down the A350, which is quite a tedious bendy road and seems to go on forever, particularly at 6am when you are in hope of finding somewhere for breakfast.  As it turned out there was nowhere suitable and so all I managed to get was a croissant from a co-op near the school and a slightly dubious cup of coffee out of a machine.

Recording an Orchestra

Today’s recording was in some ways a bit like the recording at Lanesborough on Monday.  There were many different groups to record, the first of which was a school orchestra. Just to be clear this is just a primary school and so it was quite unusual to find the hall set up for an orchestra. But this was the task ahead.

primary School orchestra

Set up for an orchestra

The first set up of the day was then based around an orchestra but I had to plan ahead as after a couple of songs I had to change the set up to record a worship band with some electric guitars, keyboard, drums and 2 solo singers.

Longfleet primary

School Recording setup

Changing the setup

Luckily to help me out the teacher had carefully planned the day to put all the similar groups together to try and reduce the number of potential movements. The thing is when it comes to electric guitars and even electric acoustic ones, suddenly you need a whole load of jack leads whilst also remembering to mic up the other participants.  Due to the lack of separation and the lively acoustics of the hall the only way to get the vocalists in such a way that we could hear them was to record them after the instrumentalists. Otherwise the drums particularly would obliterate everything.   Ultimately as is often the case it is a compromise of sorts, but within the time available this was quite a pleasing solution.

On the plus side there was lots of tea and I was also amused by the balloons which appeared on my Apple Watch to remind me that today I was getting nearer to 103.


With so much to record, today’s recording did go into the afternoon and so I disappeared off to a nearby supermarket cafe to find some lunch. This also gave me a chance to get on with the CD artwork in the interests of keeping things moving forward.

Designing the artwork

I was soon back at the school and there were a few more choir tracks to record before we finished by 3pm. The last song to record was a staff band singing Stand by Me.    To be fair it was probably the best staff song we have recorded in a long time.

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