Primary School Recording in Essex

Grange Primary

For the second time in as many weeks, we found ourselves heading out towards Essex.  This time, it was a case of travelling a bit further around the M25 as I headed out towards Braintree to record the staff and pupils of Grange Primary School in Wickford.  Arriving just before 07.30 it was easy enough to park just outside the main reception and get everything unloaded into the school hall.    I was met by the headteacher and within moments had been issued with a cup of tea.  When you have been on the road since the early hours of the morning this is always a most welcome sight and bodes well for the rest of the day!



Once all our recording gear is unloaded and in the school hall / recording venue, it normally takes about 45 minute to an hour to get everything set up.

Organising the recording

Once the kit is set up there is usually a little time to check everything is working as it should and also we then look through the recording list for the day and check if there are any solos or instruments to be recorded.   At Grange Primary we had a few solo singers and there was also a couple of tracks which included some African Drums.

Track list

We can record anything at all from singing to instrumentalists and rock groups, plugged or unplugged.  Nothing is too much trouble but it is helpful to know what we need to plan for. It’s also a good idea to group together similar forces.  I.e do all the drumming songs together and then all the choir songs etc.   Ultimately our job is to cope with anything that is thrown at us and we will always do our best to accommodate our customers.

School Hall

Setting up at Grange Primary School

This recording went into the afternoon due to the amount to be recorded and the school timetable. This is never a problem and in fact afforded me the opportunity to sit in the staff room during the lunch break and get the CD artwork put together.   It’s always best if we can try and get the artwork done with the client on location. This saves a lot of time after the recording session and saves multiple emails going back and forth to get the artwork signed off.

If you would like to organise a School CD Recording at your school then please get in touch:

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