A Week in Yorkshire Day 2 – Dundonald Primary School, London


When I originally took a call from a music teacher based in Yorkshire I was delighted that she wanted to record at 3 schools.   This delight was slightly dampened when it turned out the recordings had to be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   Nevertheless, in the spirit of hope I figured that we often do a lot of recording ‘up North’ and so there was a reasonable chance of the other days filling up with recordings not too far from Yorkshire. At least that’s what I hoped. Sadly things don’t always work out how you hope and whilst I was absolutely delighted to gain another new customer in Dundonald Primary School, part of me was disappointed that they were based in central London (Wimbledon).

However, it would certainly never do to moan about business and luckily I love my job and I also quite like travelling around.  So once Monday’s recording was finished, I drove all the way back to Cirencester in Gloucestershire to run a choir rehearsal with my male voice choir. There was then just a few hours in which to sleep before once again setting off at 5am, this time headed to London.

Setting up

Arriving as usual around 07.30am I soon met up with my main contact in the school and was busy unloading the kit.   Today’s recording turned out to be in an upstairs room and helpfully the lift wasn’t working.  But such is life and having found time for a bacon sandwich en route to the recording, it was simply a case of getting on with it!

Dundonald setup

Setting up

Before too long everything was set up and ready for the first group of children to come and record their songs.

Unlike yesterdays recording, the schedule was quite tight so my hopes of an early finish to get back to Yorkshire were quickly dashed.  Nevertheless everything followed like clockwork and all the year groups sang their songs beautifully.    At lunchtime I wandered into Wimbledon and found a shopping centre called Centre Court, amusingly, which contained a purveyor of coffee and sandwiches.

Sticking to the schedule

Luckily one thing which is guaranteed about recording in schools is the end time.   Finishing around 3pm I then enlisted help of the teachers to carry the kit out to the car – the choice was waiting half an hour for the playground to clear, or just carrying the kit out to the road.   With a 250 mile drive ahead of me I opted for the latter of these choices!

By 3.30pm I was back on the road to Yorkshire, First, however there was London traffic to deal with.  I love recorded everywhere, but London, despite not being far from our Wiltshire studios can be tricky to navigate at 4pm!  By 7pm I had still only made it to Hertfordshire….

Undeterred I carried on and made it to Doncaster services by 9pm which afforded me time for a quick bite to eat. The option of a stylish dinner wasn’t available so a rather unpleasing burger was presented.   Sometimes you just have to go with the food in front of you!

Back to Yorkshire

Shortly before my watch announced it was time for bed, I found myself back in Yorkshire.  This time I was staying in The Bluebell Inn at Weaverthorpe.  I was very glad to find my room!

Hotel room

Time for bed

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