Recording a School CD in Lincolnshire


This week started with a couple of days in the studio which were mostly spent mastering the albums recorded in Yorkshire and London last week.  In fact the London recording last Tuesday had to be mastered over the weekend as they. need delivery by today, just 5 working days after the recording session.   On the way to Lincolnshire this morning I heard that the CDs had been despatched on time and were on schedule to get to the customer with a couple of days to spare before their Summer fair.

Today was the first of two recordings up in Lincolnshire this week. The first of which was at Wygate Park Academy.  As with the Yorkshire Schools last week, the two schools this week had the same music teacher in charge.  Again they had to be split to be on Wednesday and Friday.   This was perfectly fine until last week when I took a call from a school in Cornwall, who wanted to book the Thursday….  But such is life and so with many miles to cover in a few days, I just had to get on with it.

Wygate Park Academy

Wygate Park Academy is a brand new primary academy in the heart of the Wygate Park community of Spalding.   The school was in fact located in the middle of a housing estate. Parking was conveniently available by the main entrance.   The school was having some building works done to install some new classrooms but fortunately this didn’t disturb the recording session!

wygate academy

Wygate School Hall

Compared to the schools last week the hall was huge!!  However, as a new school it wasn’t yet at full capacity so there was in fact loads of space to set up the recording gear.   Even with breakfast club going on when I arrived there was still more space available for the setup than I often get when halls are empty!

The School CD Recording

With everything set up in good time ahead of the 9am start time, I headed to the staff room to make some tea!   This also seemed a good opportunity to get the artwork done.   Wygate had sent me the front cover designs in advance and I was given the track list on the day so without any further faffing I took my laptop into the staff room and set about designing the CD cover and booklet.

Within half and hour and before we were ready to record, the artwork was completed, emailed to the customer and was then approved moments later.

CD Artwork

Wygate Artwork

With the artwork all done we got on with the recording. Following the usual format of singing by year Group / KS1 and KS2 we soon made good progress.  The pupils had all been very well prepared by their music teacher and most songs were recording in one take.  Even with 18 songs to record, by break time, the majority were done which meant we were likely to be finished before the kitchen staff had to set up for lunch.

Whilst we never rush our recordings I confess I was quite keen to finish early if possible as after the recording I had to drive to Gloucestershire to run a rehearsal with my choir. Once that was finished around 10pm the plan was to set off to Cornwall in order to be there for tomorrow’s recording in Breage just outside Falmouth.


Wygate Recording Setup

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