Recording in Cornwall

Breage Setup

After finishing a pre concert choir rehearsal in South Cerney last night, I drove down to Cornwall arriving shortly before 1am.  Luckily I was able to stay with friends and managed to acquire a key so as not to disturb them.  Arriving at 1am I was then back up and out the door at 6.30am in order to get to Breage Primary School which is just on the edge of Helston in Cornwall. In many ways Cornwall was not the ideal location between two recordings both in Spalding, Lincolnshire but a job is a job and I’m certainly not going to complain about being busy!

Breage Primary School

And so after a few hours sleep I was once again on the road and after a short drive found myself at Breage Primary School.   By contrast to Wygate Academy yesterday, this school was tiny and so was the hall.   Classes were shared between year groups and there was barely space to get the recording gear in the hall at all.

However, my job is not to moan but to find solutions and get on with it.   The Head teacher Mr Andrew Orme was extremely welcoming and it soon became apparent that I was going to really enjoy the day at Breage Primary School.


The Hall at Breage Primary

The tables in the hall looked extremely nifty and cleverly folded up into the wall when not in use! This small detail amused me a lot whilst I was setting up around breakfast club.  Clearly someone had thought carefully about how to make best use of a small space.

Having been recording most days for the last few weeks, I soon had the kit in place and correctly assembled ready to start recording at 9am.   Being a church school most, if not all, of the songs to be recorded today had a religious theme.  There was a combination of backing tracks, piano accompaniment, a cappella and solo singing.   Turns out the pupils at Breage Primary could sing really rather well. More importantly they seemed to enjoy it.

Once again there was about 18 songs to record but the majority only needed one take so once again the recording was finished by lunchtime.  This helps the school as it means I can be out of the way and they can get on with other activities during the afternoon.

I had a really lovely time recording at Breage Primary School and all the teachers were extremely welcoming and keen to be involved in the recording process.   The artwork will be done tomorrow and CDs should arrive at the school within a few days.  The only downside to the whole day is that after many days of crawling around connecting cables and lugging recording kit into and out of school halls it turns out my trousers have come to the end of their useful life….

trouser rip

New trousers needed

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