A week in Yorkshire – Day 1 Rillington Primary School

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This week we have been booked to record at 3 primary schools in North Yorkshire, somewhere in the wilderness between York and Scarborough.   Despite my usual reluctance to spend money on hotels, I concluded that North Yorkshire was a bit far from our Wiltshire studios to drive up and down all week so found a lovely Country Inn in Weaverthorpe in which to base myself for a few days.   In order to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the first recording at Rillington Primary School, I travelled up to Yorkshire on Sunday afternoon and stayed at ‘The Old Lodge’ in Malton on Sunday night.    The hotel looks terribly grand but in reality was extremely good value and ideal for an over night stop.   I confess to liking nice hotels but when on business, it is simply a matter of somewhere economical to rest my head. Most of the time I arrive after dinner has finished being served and have to leave again before breakfast!  This trip was no exception to this.

The Old Lodge

The Old Lodge in Malton

The morning after

After a good night’s sleep I found the local Costa for a coffee & croissant and then travelled the 5 miles to Rillington Primary School.   On this occasion I had agreed to arrive at 8am and was assured there would still be plenty of time to set up as the school didn’t plan to start recording until 9.15am at the earliest.

Dealing with the unexpected

As I set off from the hotel, my car chose this moment to suggest that it was low on coolant and this ran the risk of engine damage.   Marvellous!   I assumed it would manage the 5 miles to Rillington and placed a call to BMW search and rescue.   With some advice and poking my head briefly under the bonnet it was confirmed that coolant was indeed low but not empty which at least suggested it wasn’t leaking.

Rather than just topping it up with water I thought best to actually get some coolant.  A quick bit of googling and I discovered that despite being seemingly in the middle of nowhere that in fact there was a BMW main dealer located in Malton where I had stayed the previous night.   I called them and explained the situation and they said I could call in during the lunch break and they would sort out the coolant and check for any leaks or damage.

So when the school took a break for lunch, I headed back to Malton and found myself at Cooper BMW.   I was greeted by the receptionist and then shown to the service desk.  There was no fuss or faff and they said to help myself to coffee whilst they sorted out the coolant levels.  20 minutes later the service lady re-appeared with my key saying coolant was all topped up and there were no leaks.  She also said they had topped up the windscreen washer fluid as it was getting low.   And what’s more, when I asked how much, I was told this was all free of charge.

I know most of this doesn’t seem relevant on our blog about recordings and normally I wouldn’t make such a point of writing about it. However, I go on about customer service and how much we do our best to offer outstanding customer service. I therefore feel it is only appropriate to highlight times when I receive exceptional service from others.   Based on this short visit I would most definitely recommend these guys to anyone owning or looking to purchase a BMW in North Yorkshire.

Cooper BMW

BMW Dealership in Malton

Back to the Recording

Anyway I digress.   So back to Rillington Primary School.   This was the first of 3 recordings we had booked in this part of North Yorkshire this week.   The connection between the schools is their music teacher Donna Stockill.   I met Donna on arrival at Rillington Primary and soon established a good raport with her.  It is always great to see music being taken seriously and encouraged in Primary Schools.

Recording Setup

Setting up in Rillington Primary

We had 15 songs to record at Rillington Primary and didn’t quite get them all done in the morning session. This was a shame as there was quite a long break at one point. But not a problem – we don’t stipulate the timings other than recording during the confines of the school day.

With most songs recorded in the morning session, once I had returned from having coolant installed there were only 4 songs left to record. Consequently, the recording was finished by just after 2pm.   For me this was quite pleasing. I had thoroughly enjoyed the day, but despite my plans to spend a week in Yorkshire I had a 5 hour drive ahead of me as tomorrow’s recording was in central London….

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