School CD Recording at Gosberton Academy

After an early finish in Cornwall yesterday, there was a little more time to get back to Lincolnshire for the second recording near Spalding. This time we were headed for Gosberton Academy.    After the last couple of days, getting up at 4.30am to head back to Spalding didn’t seem quite so far and there was even time for a quick spot of breakfast before we arrived at the school.

Arriving just before 8am there was a slight hiccup getting into the school as we rang the bell for a while before anyone noticed we were there! Fortunately however, the access to the school hall was very close to the carpark and with two of us it didnt take very long to get everything into the hall and set up for the recording session.

gosberton academy

Gosberton Academy

Recording in Gosberton

Gosberton was a slightly smaller school than Wygate where we had been on Wednesday. Nevertheless there was still plenty of space to set up all the microphones and pre amps which, once again we did during breakfast club.   It is a common question we get asked as to how much space is needed.  Ultimately the answer is we will fit into whatever space is available.   Setting up around breakfast club is absolutely not a problem as we tend to put all our kit mostly up against one wall and need no more than about 3 feet of space from the wall really.  Obviously if more space is available then we can spread out a bit.  But, ultimately, whatever size your school hall is, we will make it work.

Getting involved

Half way through the recording session there were a couple of songs which included BoomWhackers. Not being overly familiar with this instrument we were very amused when the teacher turned up with what looked like a load of plastic drain pipes. Obviously we had to have a go – I actually got to take part in the performance – I think my boomwhacker was an E flat!

Once again the recording was all finished by lunchtime which was very pleasing after a busy few days.    I departed the school just after 12 noon and were soon heading back to Wiltshire in search of somewhere to have lunch.   Being a Friday I didn’t have any choir rehearsals to get back for and so there was even a few moments to actually stop and breath for a bit before contemplating the recordings we have to do next week.

If you would like to book us to come and record at your school regardless of whether you are North, South, East or West then please do get in touch.  Despite all the travelling we genuinely love this job and we love visiting so many lovely schools.

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