School CD Recording in Wimboldsley, Cheshire

Wimboldsley Primary

Today, we have been recording at Wimboldsley Primary School which required a trek up the M6 back into Cheshire.   This year, we have been engaged in a number of recordings in Cheshire and around Manchester.   Any business is always great and more than welcome.  Although sometimes it would be equally nice to record a little nearer our Wiltshire studio’s.  Nevertheless we record on location all over the UK in primary schools and secondary schools, and so once again the alarm was set for 3.30am and we set off under the cover of darkness heading North.

I soon arrived at the school and was greeted by the Headteacher and shown into the small hall where the recording would take place.   This element of any recording is always slightly unknown – i.e the distance from the parking point to the school hall.  How far is it and how many doors will have to be negotiated on the way!

Luckily on this occasion it wasn’t too far at all. Another advantage of arriving at 07.30 is that often the pupils haven’t yet arrived so we can prop doors open for 5 minutes or so whilst we get the kit unloaded and into the school, without causing any hazard.

Before too long, everything was in the hall, set up and ready to record.

How long does it take to record?

We have always been clear at Recordings 4 Schools that we do not impose any time limits on the recording session. Our only requirement for Primary Schools is that you record within the confines of your school day. By this we infer from around 9am – 3.30pm or thereabouts.  We always arrive at 7.30am in order to get set up and it normally takes around half an hour to pack away at the end of the recording session.

At Wimboldsley, we managed to be finished by lunchtime.   On the plus side this means a slightly early finish for me which makes it easier when heading home as I can avoid the rush hour on the M6/M5.  It also meant everything was out of the way for the school lunch which, as with most schools, takes place in the hall.   With our kit there, even moved to one side there wouldn’t be much room for tables to be set up around us.

The Recording Session

With permission from the school, we have been allowed to share some photographs of the recording session showing the pupils recording their songs and, we hope, having a fun time being recording stars for the day.

Have a listen

We had a lovely day recording at Wimboldsley Primary School in Cheshire.   The album will shortly be going into production, but in the meantime below you can hear a short excerpt from the recording.

If you would like to find out just how easy it is to record a fundraising CD at your Primary School, anywhere in the UK then please get in touch: