A week in Yorkshire – Day 3 Weaverthorpe Primary School

Weaverthorpe School

After a long drive back to Yorkshire last night, I was particularly pleased that I could actually see today’s school from my bedroom window!   Having had what I consider a lie in (getting up at 6.45am) I made my way downstairs in The BlueBell Inn to find breakfast.   Normally I admit to be rather unadventurous when it comes to hotels for business and generally book a Premier Inn or similar.  However, in this somewhat remote part of North Yorkshire such brands were not an option.  And so I picked a rather nice looking Inn – I was mainly amused it was called The BlueBell as one of my choirs is called The BlueBelles.   It doesn’t take much to amuse me as you can probably tell.

Anyway without much ado, I found myself in the dining room and was presented with a rather splendid breakfast of poached eggs on toast.  This is my default option when in a hotel or similar establishment – mostly to see if the chef can do a proper poached egg. Here at The Bluebell it turns out they could!


Recording at Weaverthorpe Primary

Weaverthorpe Primary School was the second of three schools that I was working in this week that had the same Music teacher.   Probably the smallest of the three schools, Weaverthorpe Primary is located just above the village and has a commanding view across the fine Yorkshire countryside.  Looking back from the school gate I could just see The Blue Bell Inn where I was to be staying for the next couple of nights.


View from the School

Having driven the few hundred yards to the school I began the task of unloading the kit.  Yes I know it sounds lazy to drive just a few hundred yards but it would otherwise have taken several hours for the many trips to and from the car!  As it is, unloading the kit is always a slight unknown which is why I like to arrive at 07.30 just to ensure there is more than enough time should it be a long walk from the carpark to the recording venue.

As it turned out at Weaverthorpe it wasn’t too bad and only took about 15 minutes to get all the kit into their small school hall.

school hall

Unloading the kit

Whilst the hall doesn’t look very big – fortunately neither are the children and this is also a very small school. I think there were only around 60 pupils in total.

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We do not place a time limit on the recording sessions other than the confines of your school day. However, at Weaverthorpe we actually managed to finish recording by around 11.30 which meant the recording kit could then be cleared out the way to allow the kitchen staff to set up for lunch.

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