Summer Holidays 2019


A few nights ago there was a storm – certainly in my little corner of Wiltshire at any rate.  Otherwise, perhaps surprisingly the British Summer is looking quite promising at the moment.  Normally when schools finish for the Summer the rain comes in bucket loads without respite, much to the dismay of many school children who have spent the last few days and weeks looking forward to the long summer break.

Here at Recordings 4 Schools, we too get a break, not least because all the schools are on holiday.  Our sister company Recordings 4 Choirs is still busy with recordings although they too generally get a lull in August.  Of course anyone in business wants to be busy, but there is also a lot to be said for having a break – at least from the day to day business.   Aside of the few days over Christmas, August is generally a time when our customers are on holiday and so we take advantage of this.

Checking the Recording Gear

But that’s not to say we are just sat here idly passing the time – although that does happen too sometimes.   Whilst our recording gear is having a well earned rest, having been out on the road almost every day since the middle of April. now is a good time to check it over.  Obviously we know it all works as we essentially ‘test’ the kit on every recording.  However to be fair we don’t always use everything every time.  Some jobs will require more microphones than others for example, but very rarely, if ever, do we use our full array of microphones which numbers around 36 now.

Because school recordings are all fairly similar, certainly in the majority of Primary Schools we have been to lately, we tend to use much the same set up in each location.  Some microphones and cables are therefore well tested.  But others have probably been sat in the box for a few months.  And so a break in recordings gives us a chance to get absolutely everything out the boxes and make sure every single microphone and every single cable is working.

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