Making plans for Autumn term 2019

School recording

Whilst it’s still mid August, and a lot of teachers are no doubt enjoying their well deserved break exploring near or far corners of the globe, we are also approaching the time when plans for the next school term start to be considered.  Of course, I’m quite sure a lot of teachers did much planning before Summer term ended. I know, for example, that the Head of Music when I was at school used to plan the school Christmas carol service whilst sat on a beach in Venice.

Whatever the individual situation, from our perspective the phone has already started ringing with enquiries for schools wishing to make Christmas CDs this year.   In fact we are also taking bookings well into 2020.  This, of course, is always good news. In business, it’s nice to be wanted and certainly good to be busy.

Like most people we also like a break and August is about the only month of the year where we do very little recording.  Partly this is a deliberate act on our part to get some down time, but also it is dictated by our clients.  Schools of course are on holiday and the majority of choirs (we also record choirs through our sister company Recordings4Choirs) take a Summer break too.  Whilst holidays are nice, business still goes on and so we do spend part of the time planning and preparing for the new season of recordings.

Plans and Preparations 

With a good number of school recordings already in our diary for September onwards, it’s a good time to assess and check through our recording gear.   Mostly the kit is maintenance free – there is nothing which needs oiling or given a ‘service’.  And to a great extent we know it all works because it has been used most days right up to the end of July.    Nevertheless it does no harm to do a ‘stock take’.  There are often cables at the bottom of the box which don’t come out very often.  Does no harm to check they actually work for example.

We also go through all our boxes of kit to make sure everything is where it should be and look at ways of further streamlining the setup.   We haven’t found the need to add anything this year as we have managed to cover off every situation that has arisen with the last season of recordings.   It also does no harm just to clean out the boxes.  Nothing gets particularly dirty but dust accumulates and sometimes stray cable ties find their way into corners and so on.    It sounds all fairly easy and to be honest it is.  But it’s good to ensure we have everything ready and working properly in preparation for a busy season of school recordings starting in September.

Booking your school recording

If you would like to book a recording at your school whether Christmas themed or otherwise then all you need to do is give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to send us a message via the contact form.  There is a calendar on every page of this website to show you our availability.  We tend to get really busy and booked up from late October onwards so to guarantee the widest choice of dates for your school recording it’s best to get in early.