Record a Primary School Christmas CD


Yes I know, it’s still August and we have dared to use the C word. Apologies for that. However, to be fair our customers have been using the C word in conversation with us for a few weeks now.  It seems as the years go past, schools are starting to book their Christmas CD Recording sessions earlier and earlier each year.  There is a good reason for this.  We now get so busy, if you don’t get in early you might either lose out completely or not get such a wide choice of dates.

Now of course we are not wanting to start scaremongering or suggesting that if you don’t book now you won’t be able to record a CD this year. There is still plenty of time and still, currently, plenty of available dates.  We can leave all the panicking to people who like to use the B word!  Let’s not even go there!  Whatever else happens on 31 October our school recordings in the UK will continue unchanged and go ahead as planned!

School Christmas CD

So, swiftly back to Christmas then.   Why should your Primary school record a Christmas CD?  Here are just a few good reasons:

  • CD Recording session is Free to your school – there is no up front cost, you just pay for the CDs ordered
  • CDs can be sold to parents and are a great fundraiser for your school
  • Christmas Recordings are a great project which is often run or organised by the PTA
  • A Recording brings together all the pupils in your school and is a great fun activity which they will never forget
  • Our CDs are professionally produced and will be a great memento for your pupils in years to come
  • A recording is a celebration of the music making in your school

Bringing everyone together

One of the ways in which we can keep our school recordings affordable is to include all your pupils on the CD.   But more than that, a CD recording is in itself a great way to bring all your pupils, and staff, together.   It is a celebration of music in your school.  As a by product of this it’s also a great way of fundraising for your school or local community.

Most schools will record a song or two per year group and then a couple of songs grouped together as the whole school. If you have a choir or instrumental groups, they can also get involved and record their own songs too.

To find out more please give us a call on 01225 302143 or get in touch by email