How much notice do you need to record?


At this time of year we do tend to get extremely busy.  Year on year in fact, we are getting busier, recording in schools all over the UK.  From October onwards we are usually out and about pretty much every day recording somewhere. And it is during September and early October that schools tend to start booking their recordings with us.  When it comes to Christmas recordings, in order to fit in as many schools as possible we tend to record right up to about 10 days from the end of term. So generally the last recording will be probably in the second week of December.  This just about leaves enough time to get the audio mastered and the CDs produced so they can be at your school before the start of the Christmas holidays.

A question that I’ve been asked a few times recently is;

How much notice do you need to record in our school?

A simple and perfectly reasonable question which fortunately has a very simple answer.  Essentially we just need enough notice to be able to get to your school.  In theory if you want to record tomorrow and we are free tomorrow, then we can come and record.   Although realistically most schools will normally book a few days or weeks in advance.

Our Availability

To help schools find a suitable date to record we have a calendar on every page of our website which shows when we are free to come to your school.  We keep this calendar absolutely up to date so you can rely on it.  Our aim is to make it easy for teachers and PTA members to communicate about potential recording dates without constantly having to check with us.    Of course dates could suddenly disappear as they become booked but we hope this makes it easier for schools to find a suitable day.