Preparatory School CD Recording Services


As our website title indicates we record in schools.  Specifically we record audio or sound and the majority of our business is made up of recording CDs in Primary Schools.   With these recordings we involve the whole school and the resulting CD is a great fundraiser for the school as well as being a memento the children and staff can treasure for years to come.

Alongside this we also do a fair bit of recording in Prep Schools. Sometimes these take a very similar format.  The whole school gets in involved and the CD is arranged as a fundraiser either for the school or sometimes for a charity they might be supporting.   However, we can also offer a range of recording services depending on the music groups you have in school.

We recently recorded a digital album with Lanesborough School in Guildford and this involved recording a whole range of instrumentalists – approximately 20 soloists in all plus a few small orchestral groups and then some year group singing.  This is a little more complicated than your average primary school recording and did involve a considerable number of different mic setups during the course of the day.

However, we are not a ‘one size fits all’ type of organisation. We didn’t build our mobile recording rig just to do one type of recording.  As well as recording schools we also record choirs of all types and sizes as well as Orchestras, Brass and Concert Bands.   Therefore we have all the relevant kit to cope with any musical group that a prep school might conceivably have.

Some Prep Schools we have worked with include:

  • Cranleigh Preparatory School, Surrey
  • Lanesborough School, Guildford
  • Edgeborough Prep School, Surrey
  • Prior Park, Bath
  • Thorpe House, Norwich
  • Westonbirt School
  • Quinton House, Northampton
  • The Grange, Monmouth
  • Lingfield Prep School

Understanding the Music

Our job here at Recordings 4 Schools is to offer you the best possible service. For us the most fundamental aspect of this is a ‘can do’ attitude.  We are not just a bunch of sound engineers. Our staff are also all professional musicians who have qualifications in both music and sound engineering and have successful careers as professional musicians.   This means that we understand the difference between  Bach and Gershwin and would also know how to record John Cage’s 4’33″…

If you give us a copy of your music we will be able to read the orchestral score even if it has an alto clef. We also understand what is meant by a clarinet in B flat and carry a range of microphones that are designed for different instruments.

This, we believe, sets us apart from the one man bands who wander around touting for business in primary schools with their cheap stereo pair of microphones they picked up in Maplins. Work with Recordings 4 Schools and you will encounter recordings done properly as we believe every school in the UK should be able to benefit from the experience of a professional recording.  So regardless of whether you are a small rural primary school with less than 50 pupils or a Prep school with a number of chamber groups and scholarship winning instrumentalists, you can relax in the knowledge that we will offer you the very best in customer service and produce the highest quality recording possible.  After all the only purpose of a recording is to reflect the time and effort which has been put in by your pupils.  Our job is to create memories which pupils and staff can be proud of for years to come.

Award Winning Recordings

Don’t just take our word for it.  This year (2019) we won the award for ‘Best Mobile Recording Service for Schools‘ given to us by the Private Education and Development Awards.

If you would like to find out more about recording a professional CD or digital album in your Prep School then please get in touch: