Primary School Fundraising


As we head into the second week of the new academic year, lots of schools will now be back into their daily routines.   Probably for many, the memories of their summer holidays will now be in the distant past and t shirts will have been swapped for coats.   We are all resigned to summer turning to autumn and the weather mostly being slightly overcast with grey skies and the threat of drizzle never far away.  For me, this never seems such a bad thing, but if you like long hot summers then, for a while at least, you may be a little disappointed.

With the start of another academic year, comes a host of new ideas.  Lots of pupils either taking their first steps at Primary School or perhaps embarking on Year 6 as the biggest fish in the pond – at least for now.  For the teachers, however, the challenge is to come up with those new ideas.  We can’t really help you with academic challenges for your pupils but we can suggest a recording is an excellent way to fundraise for your school.

Fundraising by selling Christmas CDs

Christmas is a great time to record a CD at your Primary School.   For a start there is such a lot of really accessible Christmas music for primary schools. The children love singing songs – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is quite probably the most popular Christmas song we record in primary schools.  Once every class or year group has recorded their songs, we create the CDs for you.  If you are holding a Christmas fair then its always worth telling us when this is. We can then make sure we get the CDs to school in time for you to promote and sell at your Christmas event.

How much money can we make from CD Sales?

Ok so let’s be honest, you aren’t necessarily going to make millions from selling school CDs.  But with no upfront costs and the potential to raise on average £5 for every CD sold, most schools will make a profit of anything from £500 – £2000.  For the majority of Primary Schools this is big money and can then be used towards anything you like.

How do we book?

Arranging your free school recording session is easy.  All you need to do is choose a date from our online calendar and give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to send an email.

Once we receive your booking you will get a written confirmation which tells you everything you need to know about the recording day and the process after that.  Our engineers will then turn up at your school on the agreed date and you can enjoy recording your fundraising CD with us.