Ready for the new term

Christmas Decoration

All over the UK, schools are opening for the start of the new academic year.  Lots of schools will have gone back, with a few going back next week.  Of course schools in Scotland, by comparison, went back a few weeks ago.

The first term of the year, or the first 2 if you are operating a 6 term year is generally speaking the longest one, with most schools now in session until mid December at the earliest.  Of course, a lot of teachers will have been planning for the academic year some weeks and indeed months before today.   But even so, there is always a sense of a new beginning and the notion of lots of new opportunities ahead for the pupils.

Learning opportunities

Whilst music seems to be rapidly disappearing from secondary schools, it’s always nice to see so much music still going on in Primary schools.  Lots of the primary schools we work with still have regular assemblies at which the pupils will sing some of their favourite songs.   This is wonderful to hear and gives us some reassurance that live music is still going on in primary schools.

Fundraising ideas

With Christmas now on the horizon, (yes apologies I know it’s still only September) a lot of Primary School PTAs start considering fundraising ideas to support the Christmas fair or any events which are going on in school this term.  There are all sorts of things which you might consider from branded tea towels to, yes obviously, recording a Christmas CD.

If you are planning to record a Christmas CD this term with your Primary school then it’s worth getting in touch early on in term in order to get the widest choice of available dates.  Lots of schools, naturally, want to record as near to the end of term as possible but still with time to get the CDs ready for the Christmas fair.  As such dates in November and early December tend to disappear rapidly!

Call us today on 01225 302143 to reserve your recording date and give your school plenty of time to prepare for their Christmas CD.

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