What to do about Backing Tracks

audio system

The vast majority of primary schools we record with will sing songs by class and / or year group.  When it comes to singing, the choice is usually between using backing tracks or someone playing the piano / electric keyboard.

From our perspective it doesn’t make much difference whether you sing to backing tracks or live accompaniment.   And it doesn’t have to be a piano. If you wish you can sing along to a band, a wind group, a string quartet or an outer Mongolian nose flute.  Or if none of these options appeal then you can always sing along to a backing track. Again how you play this doesn’t make much difference to us – we can deal with most things.  Really the most important thing is to understand what you will be singing along to whilst we are setting up.  We can then make sure we lay in the correct cables or microphones to deal with whatever is being ‘thrown’ at us.

Singing to Piano Accompaniment

If you are accompanying the songs ‘live’ using a piano or digital piano / keyboard then it helps us if you let us know where you usually have the piano for the singing.    If you are using an upright acoustic piano (or even a grand if you have one) then we will need to put some microphones ‘on’ the piano.   It is therefore really important the piano is in the right place before we start laying in cables and taping everything down!

The same applies to a digital piano.  We won’t use microphones in the case of a digital piano or keyboard but we will still need to connect it to our recording rig. Therefore to judge cable runs and make everything safe before we start, it’s important to get the keyboard in the right place before we start setting things up.

Singing to Backing tracks

For the purpose of backing tracks, in the majority of cases we will provide a speaker system for you to connect into.  This saves us trying to ‘integrate’ our recording rig with your school audio system.  It’s usually possible but often more effort than is necessary for little if any benefit!

All we need from you is the laptop or MP3 player you are going to be using for playing the backing tracks.  If you are using CDs again that’s fine, just let us have the CDs and we will play them for you.  If you can let us know the source of your backing tracks whilst we are setting things up this will enable us to be well prepared and for the recording to progress seamlessly throughout the day.

However you choose to accompany your school singing, you can rest assured that we have enough experience and technology to deal with whatever solution you might have at your school.  Recordings 4 Schools have been recording on location for in excess of 15 years now and so there is not much, if anything, we haven’t encountered before.

To find out more please get in touch using our contact form or give us a call on 01225 302143.