Record a Christmas CD and sell online too

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As the autumn term is now well underway at schools across the UK, so our diary is starting to fill up with Christmas CD Recording sessions.    Christmas is the most popular time of year for Primary Schools to record a CD with us.  Not only that, this year we are now offering Schools the chance to sell digital copies of their album in our online shop.   Most schools choose to do this in conjunction with buying a number of CDs.  This way schools can benefit from a discounted price for selling tracks online.   With more and more people telling us they don’t have a CD player, for the last couple of years we have gradually been moving to digital recordings.   However, schools also like to create the CD artwork and having a ‘physical item’ to sell and indeed to keep is also an important part of this project.

Analogue meets Digital

In a world where almost everything is now online and created / marketed in the digital realm, you would be forgiven for thinking that CDs are rather anachronistic.   As a leading Recording Company, Recordings 4 Schools and their parent company 4 Part Music are always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with technology.   For some time now we have been offering schools the chance to have digital downloads of their album available with CDs.  We are now taking this a step further and providing the option of selling the album online.

To keep things simple we provide all the ‘technology’ and simply charge a small fee for hosting the audio online and taking payment on behalf of the school.  Our premise is quite simple.  Like our CD packages, the online option generally doesn’t involve an up front cost (although we are currently working out pricing details) and schools can make a small profit from sales of albums.

This project is still very much in the early stages of development, but our online shop is now live and we have the facility to allow schools to sell their albums online in conjunction with a number of CDs.

Benefits for your School

By introducing a digital option for your school recording our aim is to help your school to sell more copies of the album and therefore make even more profit for the school.   Since we started recording schools in 2004, we have helped schools all over the UK raise thousands of pounds all of which directly benefit the schools.  We have never totted it all up and have no wish to bandy around unrealistic figures but we are fairly certain we have probably helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for schools during this time.