Why we arrive to record at 8am

School CD

Once you decide to book Recordings 4 Schools to carry out your school CD recording, the first thing we will do is send you a written confirmation by email.   With apologies, this is quite a long email as it details everything you need to know.  You will find details about the recording day, pricing and how to create the artwork (we help you with that!) and lots of other useful information.

Setting up

One of the important paragraphs in our email tells you that our sound engineers will aim to arrive by 08.00.   Depending on the complexity of the setup, we might sometimes arrive by 07.30 – we will discuss this with you in advance.   The reason we arrive at 08.00 is so we can ensure we are ready to start recording from 09.00 or just after.   This means we can spend the full day recording at your school.  Or, if we are just recording in the morning, we can still make use of as much time as possible.

1 – Unloading the kit

For the majority of recordings we have a pre-determined set up which, with a few tweaks, we use for the majority of school recordings.  This means that once all the kit is in the school hall it generally takes about the same time to be ready. The unknown element is the time it will take to get the kit into the hall.

A lot of Primary schools aren’t that big and generally speaking we can park or at least unload right by the main entrance (another advantage of arriving before the pupils) and the hall isn’t very far from the reception.  This is our ideal situation. However, it is not always the case.    Sometimes we find that parking is only available in the main car park and it is quite a walk from the main entrance through several doors to the hall. Sometimes the school hall is even upstairs.

2 – Setting up the mobile studio

Once all the kit is in your chosen venue we then start to set up our mobile studio.  Generally speaking this is a similar set up for most schools. The majority of schools we record will be singing songs (usually a couple of songs per year group plus one or two whole school songs).    This set up takes about 30 – 40 minutes to set up.  Our sound engineers will be sat at a desk to one side. All we really need to know from you is where the pupils will be stood and which way they usually face.  If you are using backing tracks, then please provide the laptop / MP3 player from which you will playing them.  We will do the rest.

3 – Keeping everything safe

Once we have finished setting up the recording gear the final thing we do is make sure all the cables are safe.  Where necessary we will tape them down and usually put up some barriers between the singing area and the microphones.   Keeping you and your pupils safe is our prime concern.  Whilst there is nothing ‘dangerous’ about our set up, we are always careful with cables and make sure there are no cables which are in the way of the pupils.

Ready to Record

Once all the cables are laid safely and taped down where appropriate, we will let you know that everything is ready for the first group to come in and record.

To find out more and book your recording with Recordings 4 Schools please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us