All Wrapped Up for Christmas


It is that time of year when people say, “oh, I’ve done all my Christmas Shopping”.  By contrast,  I just think, “Christmas?”. I haven’t even though about what I’m feeding everyone this weekend, and then there’s Halloween.  After that in November a few family birthdays… we maybe after that I’ll start thinking about Christmas and all the associated paraphernalia which goes with it.  It is at this point I think, well actually what does anyone actually need or indeed want?  Should Christmas really be about presents and over indulging in egg nog?

What is really important at Christmas?

For me Christmas is a time for spending some time with family and friends relaxing and feasting and sharing in some beautiful music. Music is obviously important all year, but at Christmas I particularly enjoy the peace that is brought by much of the religious music. I have grown into this as I have become older, but when younger I loved the carols and jolly Christmas songs too. There are many festive songs that we learned at school and still revive every year.

Recordings 4 Schools are very lucky that we get to hear all these songs songs by your young performers every year, and what I particularly love is the enthusiasm and delight that they sing them with. Children singing songs they love will really make you recording sparkle with Christmas magic, and this is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

We have started recording your Christmas albums already this year, but if you haven’t yet booked or even considered producing your own CD (with free digital copy) and would like to, then please get in touch and will come to your school and spend a day recording all your favourite celebration songs and turn them in to an album for you to give as Christmas presents for everyone!

Then you too can be ‘all wrapped up’ for Christmas, with a special gift that is unique to your school!

To find out more and book your School Christmas Recording with us in 2019 please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email via our contact form