‘Tis the Season

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As I write today from our studio in Wiltshire, I am reminded there are only 84 days until Christmas.   If you then take out weekends and half term whilst allowing for the end of term being a few days before Christmas, there are probably only 50 school days left in 2019.  For some, pupils and teachers, this may seem a very long time indeed.  But in reality it is barely any time at all.   This year, we have already taken more bookings year to date than we did last year.  This of course is excellent news and long may the upward trend in our business continue.   October, marks the start of our busiest time of year.  From this week onwards we will be on the road pretty much all the time travelling the length and breadth of the country to record Christmas CDs.

Recording all over the UK

So far in the diary for the next couple of months, we have recordings booked to take place in Penzance, Northumberland, Central Scotland, Norfolk, Wales and just about everywhere in-between.   To make things simple for our customers we maintain an online calendar which means you can see when we are available to come and record in your School.   This is a simple but very effective solution as it saves you lots of time when trying to find the most appropriate date for your recording day.

The online downside is that sometimes it does give us some interesting journey planning.     In the Summer for example we had 3 schools in North Yorkshire book with us in the same week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The Tuesday of that week, we had a job booked in central London.   The following week we spent 2 days in Lincolnshire with the day between those 2 recordings spent in Cornwall – recording at a school I hasten to add not on holiday!

But luckily we like travelling around and it is nice to see different parts of the country, albeit we mostly see the motorway network in the early hours of the morning or during evening rush hour!

Christmas CDs for Primary Schools

Between now and early December, all our school recordings, with very exceptions will be Christmas albums. The vast majority of these will be recorded in Primary Schools and Prep Schools all around the UK.

CD tray inlay

CD Front and Rear Cover

Most of our school CDs, as you can see from the example above, will feature a song per year group, a song by the choir if you have one and a whole school song at the end.  Sometimes we even get to record a staff song too!   There is also nothing stopping you recording an instrumental group or two as well.  There is not much we haven’t recorded before from Brass groups to Steel Bands and Rock Bands to String Quartets.

Your School Recording

There is still plenty of time to book a recording this year to have CDs delivered to school before Christmas.   Broadly speaking we need around 2 weeks from the time of the recording to delivery of the CDs.  This is assuming we can get all the artwork done and agreed with you on the day of the recording session at your school.

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