Fundraise for your School Charity


Lots of the Prep Schools we record have charities they support, usually on an annual basis.   A School CD is a great way to support these charities. Not only can the proceeds be given to the charity – or split between the school and the charity it is also a way of further promoting the charitable links with the school.   

Whilst we are encouraging more and more schools to sell albums online through our online shop, we strongly believe the CD is still a very good promotional tool for schools.  After all in terms of audio the CD is nothing more than a delivery method.  A way of distributing the audio to your client base you might argue.

In the example of recording a charity CD with your Prep School, the CD packaging is a great way of adding value to the album.  As standard all our albums are supplied in a Jewel case with a 4 page booklet.  Not only does this give you a chance to include information and images for your school but you can also write about the charity your album is supporting.

Our Prep School CDs have supported a wide number of charities from Air Ambulance to Dorothy House to name just a couple.   Exactly how the school choose to distribute the proceeds from their album is entirely their choice.  Some Prep Schools give all the proceeds to charity some split the money and put some towards the music at the school.  Some Prep Schools even fund the CD in it’s entirety in order to maximise the donation to the charity.

On occasion we have also had parents offering to fund the costs of the CD, again in order to maximise the donation which can be given to the charity. This of course is not just limited to Prep Schools. Plenty of Primary schools also choose to support charities and have parents offering to fund the CD in order to maximise the available revenue for the school.

Whatever your funding solution, recording a CD to support a local charity is a great thing to do. Not only will everyone benefit but supporting charities will be good publicity for your school.