What happens during Half Term?

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Up and down the country, most schools have either started their half terms or are rapidly approaching it.   For most Primary and Prep school pupils this will be welcome break and a chance to do something different for a week.   For teachers too, it is a chance to take some well earned time out and make plans for the rest of term leading up to Christmas.

Half Term is a useful period for us too at Recordings 4 Schools.  Whilst the timings of half term seem to vary slightly according to where you are, generally there is at least a week where it seems everyone is on half term and so as a result we are not out recording – at least not in schools.   Our sister company Recordings 4 Choirs is still busy and indeed later this week off to Cornwall to record a Male Voice Choir.

Studio Production

The first half of this term has been quite busy for us.  Whilst, we are generally busiest during November, we have already been recording in lots of schools and therefore have a few jobs in production.  Half term is a good time to catch up with this as we have at least a few days where we can be in the studio working on the audio.

Lots of our customers are often surprised by just how much work we do in ‘post’.   Schools and Choirs obviously only see us on location.  For them this is naturally the key moment of their recording.   But once we leave and head back to the studio, we spend as much time again, if not longer, on audio production.

What happens in post production?

In simple terms there are two parts to post production.   Editing and Mastering.

Audio Editing

Editing is the process of putting all the correct takes together to form a set of tracks for your album.   WE generally do not embark on too many cuts / pastes for our school recordings, but often there will be a couple of takes for each song.  Our first job is to listen to all the takes and decide which is the best one.   There is no short cut to this. Indeed a big part of post production is listening.

The editing process is done before we do anything else with the audio so at this point it is still in the raw format you heard at the time of your recording.  Once we have all the tracks assembled we then embark on the Mastering.

Audio Mastering

In very basic terms, mastering is the process of making the audio sound like a professional recording.   When we record using a multi mic setup then essentially we have around 10 – 12 channels of mono sound, all piled together.  This will sound ok, and indeed we play back the tracks on location.  But it is not the final sound.   We have lots of ‘toys’ in our production studio which are designed to enhance the tracks.   In fact schools often ask us how much our recording gear costs.  The answer is lots, some of our microphones are thousands of pounds each.  But despite this actually the expensive stuff is in the post production studio as this is an entirely different set of gear!

If you are a techie, mastering is the ‘fun’ bit. Indeed lots of our customers often comment about us now going off to ‘make the recording sound fab’.  There is a limit to what can be achieved in post production – ultimately if you sang a wrong note it will still be wrong!  Not that you would of course!

Still time to book your Christmas Recording

So, if you are currently enjoying half term and thinking about projects for the next term leading up to Christmas, why not consider recording a CD.   Not only is the recording session totally free and risk free to your school, it’s a great fundraising opportunity.   As well as producing CDs which you can sell at your Christmas fair and to parents, we can also offer you the chance to sell the album through our online shop.

Whatever you choose it’s a win win situation and one that can only result in a nice profit for your school.   To find out more why not give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email via our contact form.